Your beginners guide to watching Cricket

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As with rugby and soccer, cricket plays a big part in South African sports culture however the objective of the game might not seem as clear from the start. If you are interested in understanding the sport better or showing off to your husband or brother with your knowledge, then this is just the guide for you. Here’s your beginners guide to the gentleman’s sport.

The basics

Each cricket team is made up of 11 players and the team that scores the most runs in its innings wins the match. Runs can be explained by how many times a player manages to run across the pitch and back before he is thrown out, however we’ll get to that later.

This is a bat-and-ball sport and the game is played on a large oval or circle with a smaller inner oval. In the centre there is a 22-yard rectangular pitch with a set of wickets, three long wooden stumps with two wooden bails resting on top.

An over doesn’t mean the game is over

At the beginning of a match, a coin is tossed and the winning team can then decide whether they’d like to bat or bowl first. Now, this is a decision that could make or break a team. The team who bats first is the team responsible for getting runs and their score is depicted first while the bowler on the other team tries to bowl each player out.

An “over” consists of 6 balls, or throws so to speak and within those 6 balls the batting team needs to get as many runs as possible. The batsman needs to hit the ball as far as possible and run across the pitch to the other side and back to score points or runs. However, they need to be back at their end before the opposing team’s field person throws the ball and knocks over the wickets. If the batsman fails to reach their end in time, they are out and the next player comes through.

A batsman can also be caught out if a field’s man of the opposing team catches the ball in his hands without it having hit the ground once.

How to score more points

If the batsman hits the ball and bounces before it reaches the field boundary, they are awarded four runs automatically along with the once they manage to make. However, if the ball does not touch the ground once and it reaches the boundary then the team is awarded with six runs.

Now that you have the basics down, why not visit your Shoprite and Checkers, book your Citiliner ticket and let us take you to watch the game live? Just pick a route and book your seat. Cricket on television isn’t half as good as it is live.


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