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So, you’re considering travelling with Citiliner, the best bus company in South Africa as voted by the Reader’s Choice Awards, and you’re looking forward to seeing family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while. A bus trip after all, is more than a bus trip – it’s about bringing people and cities together, and celebrating those long-awaited trips home or hard-earned holidays.

So why, you ask, has the ticket price changed since you first started looking to buy one, and now costs more than before? After all, you’ve been saving for this and the new price is more than you expected. Understandably, you’re probably a little frustrated. Of course, it is never our intention to upset you and there are some reasonable explanations why a ticket sometimes costs more than when you first started looking. These are important to understand to best plan your trip.

Why do our fares fluctuate?

To ensure that our customers get the best bang for their buck, Citiliner stays as competitive as possible by employing pricing systems that are used globally. As such, when demand for a trip goes up, prices for that trip, unfortunately, do to. This allows us to stay competitive and offer the best possible coach-travelling experience in South Africa.

Citiliner does its very best to make sure that our coaches are as world class as the hard-working staff who run them. They are responsible for keeping our wheels going safely round, for keeping our driver’s alert and trained, and of course for keeping our coaches neatly trimmed. So, across large distances, maintaining our fleet costs an exceptional amount of money and ticket prices merely accommodate for these pressures.

Of course, it’s always our intention to keep ticket prices as affordable and consistent as possible, but these prices must also be competitive. As such, when demand for seats are at their highest, prices may change to accommodate more travellers and keep our company functional for loyal Citiliner generations of the future.

How can I avoid price changes?

It is often easier said than done, but booking early is the best thing any ticket buyer can do. Sometimes however, this is not possible and saving for a trip means that you might have to book closer to the time. In this event, budget with this mind: A ticket price might increase if you are hoping to eventually travel during peak periods.

Take into account the time of year you will be travelling to best prepare for these periods. School holidays or long weekends normally demand higher prices so it is best to try and book early for these, or at least to try and accommodate for any potential increases. It is also worth looking out for specials that could ease the ticket buying pressure to get you to your destination as affordable as possible.

To do so, keep up to date with our rewards and specials by joining the Citiliner family and liking our Facebook page, and signing up to our newsletter. After all, we are a family of passionate staff and loyal customers just like you, and anything we can do to help will be our coach-going pleasure. As always, our call centres are available 24/7 for your convenience.

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