Why a farmers market is the heartbeat of every town

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Picture waking up every Saturday morning early and paying a visit to the local farmers market stocked with the freshest produce and creative home baked goods. A friendly atmosphere in which to meet up with your neighbours and friends, always a smile greeting you at every stall. Now, picture a life without it. Unimaginable and so uninspiring.

Here are a few reasons why the local farmer’s market is the heartbeat of every town.

It keeps the local farmers and their families clothed and fed

Just think about it, when you buy a box of naartjies or a jam you haven’t tried before, you are paying not only the farmer but you have a hand at keeping his family clothed and fed. You have a hand in helping the farmer’s children attend school. The picture is way bigger than we see it and thinking about it this way sometimes opens up a different perspective.

It is healthier

Most of the time the produce sold at farmers markets are organic and ten times fresher than the produce you might find in grocery stores. The markets provide you with the pick of the freshest produce, no need to fight for it. Not to mention, buying at farmers markets is much healthier.

It is a great hub for socialising

Perhaps you have always wondered where your grapes come from or how wine is made. The local farmer’s market provides a jovial and relaxed atmosphere in which to socialise not only with the farmers but also family, friends and any neighbours you might run into. Gain a deeper understanding of where the produce comes from while eating a succulent grilled boerewors roll.

They protect the environment

You can imagine how far the produce you find at grocery stores have to travel before you have access to it. With that travelling comes air pollution and everything else that hurts the environment. Instead, pay a visit to the local farmers market and find the produce right there, fresh and delivered by no harmful means. Spend the day in the sun and soak up the Vitamin D, appreciate our beautiful country and the amazing effort it takes to produce the delicious goods.


The most irritating thing is going to the grocery store and being unable to find half of the things you need. You are in the mood for juicy nectarines when all you can find if Sharon fruit. At farmer’s markets you are sure to find what you are looking for and walk away with more. They do not only sell fruit, meat and vegetables but also yummy home creations such as baked goods, jams, sauces and so much more. You will be spoiled for choice.

We have shared with you but a few reasons to visit your local market. Why don’t you experience these benefits for yourself. View our route map, pick a route and let’s get you there.

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