Vilakazi Street: A Historical Exploration

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Vilakazi Street is a well-known street in Soweto, Johannesburg. It is the only street in the world that has housed two Nobel-Prize winners, the late Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Currently, it has become a tourist and local’s attraction, with public art, memorials and benches. Visitors are able to experience this street as a place to just saunter whilst taking pleasure in the freshly planted trees and just really admire artwork by South African artists.

Mandela House Museum

Mandela lived in 8115, Vilakazi Street, Soweto on and off for 14 years and for 12 of those years, he lived with his first wife Evelyn.

This remarkable house has been established as one South Africa’s significant heritage sites because it tells the story, in sound, film and illustrative ways and guided tours, of the Mandela family during the apartheid era and beyond.

You can still walk around the interior of the house as before, though now there is a narrative element to your experience, it is augmented by the addition of the visitor staff.

Note that the staff accepts 20 visitors per tour.

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Hector Pietersen Memorial (Museum)

The Hector Pietersen Memorial was established in the early 1990s, as a memorial to 12 year old Hector Pietersen; who was shot by police during the Soweto Student Uprising on 16 June 1976.

Beside it, the Hector Pietersen Museum was opened on 16 June 2000.

The museum pays attention to the events that led to the Soweto Student Uprising, a great place to educate yourself and it allows to evaluate, how the country and the South African education has evolved in these past couple of years. This Museum is great for the South African history boffin in the making.

Sakhumzi Restaurant

After that exhilarating tour around Vilakazi Street, why not go and get a bite to eat. But in order to complete the Soweto experience, you’d have to experience exquisite kasi cuisine.

Sakhumzi is one of the successful testimonies that have and are still striving in a township community. It bears the mark of how friendship has grown into such a successful business.

Sakhumzi not only has great food but they have a delicious selection of cocktails that will get your taste buds dancing.

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Vilakazi Street isn’t just street, it a historical exploration.


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