Unusual things you never think to pack before boarding a bus

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Toothpaste – check, underwear – check, sunglasses – check, safety pins, wait what? We all take such care to pack the things we need when preparing to go on holiday. However, when you arrive, do you find yourself in tricky situations thinking, ‘I wish I packed something to fix this’? Citiliner is here to remind you of unusual things you ought to pack before boarding your bus so read on!

Safety Pins

So tiny but so useful. If your curtain on the bus keeps flicking open when you are trying to take a nap, you can pin the curtain shut. If your clothes tear you can pin it, you can secure zippers on your bag with a safety pin and you can use it to reset electronics. Yup, definitely a useful thing to pack.

A power strip

If you are travelling with more than one person it can become challenging to plug everyone’s phone and camera chargers in a hotel room that only has 2 outlets. With a power strip, more people will have space to charge all of their devices ensuring everyone gets a chance to capture the trip.

Reusable Water Bottle

Sometimes water fountains aren’t easily accessible or you get thirsty while travelling on the bus. Instead of buying a new bottle of water every time you get parched, save the planet and bring a reusable water bottle. Tip: Spend some extra money on a bottle with a purifier then you can drink tap water without worries.

Band aids and or bandages

If you scrape your knee or elbow when boarding the bus, a band aid comes quite in handy. It’s also fantastic when you get blisters from your shoes after hiking or walking at your holiday destination. While they are found in most first-aid kits, they run out fast so make sure you remember to purchase a box for your trip.

Pocket flashlight

You can use a small pocket flashlight to search for something in your bag when it’s dark. Use it to light your way when the bus stops for a break at night or when you’d like to read for a bit.

Trash bags

You can use a trash bag for more than just trash. If you’re caught in an unexpected storm without a raincoat, you can use it as a poncho. You can also tie it over your bag to make it waterproof, or you can sit on it to ensure your clothes don’t get dirty. Of course, if you have trash with you, you can easily dispose of it.

While they might seem odd, these things can have a great impact on your holiday so don’t forget to pack them before you board your bus! Do you know of any unusual things we’ve forgotten? Do share your ideas with us!

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