Ultimate places to watch Soccer in Cape Town

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Soccer is an epic game but sitting alone at home watching a game with a bowl of popcorn on your lap just seems to suck the fun out of the sport, doesn’t it? Well leave the popcorn for the movie theatre and let’s show you some of the best haunts you can catch the next soccer match in Cape Town.

Rick’s Café Américain

Okay, don’t let the whole Casablanca-themed café put you off. Since it’s not a sports bar as such but it’s a fantastic, cosy and low-key restaurant to watch the match. If noise and hype isn’t your thing then this is definitely the place you’d want to go. The whole restaurant boasts ample fireplaces so there’s one very good reason to get you out of the house.

Mzoli’s Place

What’s the one thing that goes well with any match? Meat of course! Mzoli’s Place is a butchery/restaurant situated in Gugulethu with an authentic Mzanzi atmosphere as befitting the soccer culture. Enjoy a proper shisa nyama, bring your own plate and enjoy the evening with friends. A fantastic way to bond over a soccer match.


From shisa nyama back to the vintage, Oak, in the heart of Stellies, will put an authentic Irish spin on your soccer watching experience. With an Irish menu, you can expect nothing but good, hearty food and a range of draught beers on tap. Located in a student town, the prices aren’t too shabby so settle down with a pint and watch South Africa’s favourite sport.

Cafe Mojito

Okay so maybe you’re not in the mood for fireplaces, shisa nyamas or Irish food, perhaps some Cuban fusion might spark your interest. Situated on Long Street, Café Mojito brings the Cuban spice to Cape Town with its very interesting cocktail bar. With enough television screens to ensure you don’t miss any of the action and a crowd that’ll keep cheering no matter the score, you are in for a fantastic night. Just don’t have so much fun you forget to support your team!

Pirates Steakhouse & Pub (Plumstead)

Where better to support the Orlando Pirates than at the Pirates Steakhouse & Pub (Plumstead). No it’s not their official pub, we’re just trying to be clever. Anyway, this is your go-to sports bar if you are in search of a jovial atmosphere and very substantial and juicy meals of the red meat variety. This isn’t your average fussy restaurant so expect no-nonsense attitudes from the staff. Aye, you’re in for a good time!

Foresters Arms

Foresters Arms (locally known as Forries) is the home of a carvery so succulent you’ll forget to keep an eye on the score. Settle down in one of their comfortable chairs and criticise the ref’s decisions for as long as you want. PS. Bring the family on a Sunday and enjoy a scrumptious meal of Yorkshire pudding, crackling, roast veggies and of course, the above mentioned meat. Your wife will thank you for it.

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