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It’s inching closer and closer to the end of the year, and we can smell holiday in the crisp spring air. Some are going to ‘Romania’ and ‘Bucharest’ (remain here and book a rest), and others have planned great trips around the country and beyond. If you are travelling this festive season, you’ll be aware of all the preparation that needs to take place. Before you know it, your adventure will be right on your doorstep and it’s important that you’re well prepared.

Sorting accommodation, finalising transport arrangements and sourcing places of interests along your journey are all pretty straightforward. When it comes to packing your suitcase, now that stirs up a whole new pot. We know just how complicated and frustrating packing can be, and so we’ve put together a few clever tips for packing your bag.

Make a list.

It all starts with a list. Jotting down items you’ll be needing for your trip will help to unclutter your mind so that you can focus on packing only what is necessary for your holiday. Working from a list also saves time, rather than scattering all over the place to find what you need, which can lead to forgotten items.

Roll your clothes.

Space is always an issue, especially for women who can’t just pack one outfit, we NEED outfit options. Rolling your clothes is the perfect solution – they take up less space and you’re able to fit extra items into the nooks and crannies of your suitcase. If you’re worried about the few creases that may appear as a result, and your accommodation doesn’t provide an iron, use the steam from the kettle while it’s boiling – it works wonders!

Lighten the load.

If you’re sticking within the perimeters of South Africa or even Africa this holiday season, then you’re in luck as the balmy summer weather is conducive to light packing. Choosing lighter fabrics means the items are easily compressed, allowing you to pack more into your suitcase, without the added kilograms. If you are travelling to colder parts of the world, wear your heavy stuff. Pack the layers onto your body rather than into your suitcase – leave your suitcase for the lighter and more petit items.

Decant your liquids.

Carrying big bottles of liquid with you not only takes up valuable space, but it adds unnecessary weight to your luggage. Purchase small travel sized containers for your shampoo, face wash, moisturiser etc., and decant just enough for your trip. If you’re worried about the containers leaking, place a piece of cling film over the open container before securing the lid.


Leave space.

If you’ve travelled before, you will probably understand the dilemma of coming back with way more than you left with. It’s never a good idea to pack your bag full to the brim. Along your journey, you’ll be collecting trinkets and other gadgets to remember your trip by, so make sure you leave enough space to bring these home with you.


If you can stick to these luggage tips, you’ll be a pro at packing in no time, and the mission that is associated with going on holiday will seem that much lighter. If you haven’t quite sealed the deal on your holiday plans, consider letting Citiliner take you on an adventure to one of the many destinations points in and around South Africa. Citiliner offers semi-luxury transport at affordable rates, giving you the opportunity to explore our beautiful country and beyond. Check out our website for details on our routes and our rates.




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