Travel to Queenstown with Citiliner Bus : 3 wonders await

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What wonder awaits you when you travel to Queenstown with Citiliner Bus?

Nestled on the Komani River lies a town where you literally can stop to smell the roses. Nicknamed the “Rose Capital of South Africa” and named after Queen Victoria, Queenstown is a small little town in the farming district of the Eastern Cape.

While we are not new to this little town, we have however moved to a more convenient and easily accessible new office! Our new offices are located at shop 7 Station Complex, 17 Shepstone Street, Queenstown which services a number of Greyhound and Citiliner routes. Open from 8 am-18:00 PM Monday to Sunday, our friendly staff are there to assist you with queries or booking your bus tickets!

So, if you are looking for things to do in and around Queenstown on your next visit, check out our three suggestions!

  1. Do you like hiking? Then you would enjoy Tsolwana Trail

The Tsolwana Trail is located in the Tsolwana Game Reserve, located between Whittlesea, Queenstown and Tarkastad, where hikers are treated to game-watching of white rhino, eland, gemsbok, and black wildebeest, as well as cultural gems such as San caves and paintings along the Tsolwana Trail.

Travel to Queenstown with Citiliner Bus

  1. Ruth Lock Shell Art Gallery

If you like South African art this is the place for you. The Ruth Lock Shell Art Gallery is a home that was owned by Winifred Ruth Lock who died in 1994 but lived in this house from the day she was born, in 1906. The house has been converted into three galleries now, the first of which contains a myriad of sculptures made almost entirely from seashells that Ruth collected on her holidays. The second holds a series of intricate paintings that, on closer inspection, reveal that they too are made from shells. The third gallery, is a collection called Broken Things – Ruth collected a series of things that she found on rubbish dumps – plates, jugs, teapots – almost all of them broken and tossed out by their owners, which she embellished.

Travel to Queenstown with Citiliner Bus

  1. Lawrence De Lange Nature Reserve

Pop into the Lawrence de Lange Nature Reserve for a game drive! It is a treat for game viewing and birders alike. See animals such as the kudu, zebra, eland, Indian water buffalo, rhino, giraffe, gemsbok, bushbuck, duiker, black wildebeest, steenbok, springbuck, impala, and ostrich. The nature reserve also has 166 bird species, these are varied, but include the black eagle and Cape vulture. For those of you who love hiking, the reserve has two challenging hiking trails for you to try out.

Travel to Queenstown with Citiliner Bus

So there you have it: Three reasons to visit our new Queenstown office with Citiliner. So what are you waiting for?

Book for your travel to Queenstown with Citiliner Bus now at or call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations on

011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352.

Safe travels!

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