How to have the ultimate winter coach trip with Citiliner

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Hey you, come on out from your winter hideout. It’s time to rise from your state of hibernation and travel! See more and do more with Citiliner. It seriously doesn’t get any better than taking a coach to your next winter holiday destination. Snuggle underneath your blanket, sit back and allow us to show you how you can have the perfect winter bus trip on a Citiliner.

Soup up!

Don’t be shy now. Make yourself a flask of your favourite soup and bring it with you on board. Perhaps you can share some with the passenger sitting next to you to increase the feeling of warmth and comfort. Not sure what recipe to make? We have a few excellent suggestions.

Bring a travel blanket

Recline your seat and snuggle under your blanket while reading a good book or watching a movie on your tablet. Perhaps you can even catch a few Zs if the journey is a long one. This certainly beats sitting frozen behind a steering wheel, doesn’t it?

Dress warmly

One benefit of dressing warmly, apart from the obvious, is that your heavy jacket doesn’t have to take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Temperatures tend to drop, especially during overnight journeys, so wear your favourite parka and comfortable clothes for a comfortable trip.

Remember, our coaches have heaters

All Citiliner coaches are equipped with heaters to keep everyone on board warm and snug throughout the entire journey. If you feel it’s getting a bit too warm, you can simply take off your jacket and still travel comfortably.




Coffee and tea for you and me

If you’re travelling with a partner or your family, prepare a flask of coffee, hot chocolate or tea which everyone can enjoy while travelling. Alternatively, if the bus stops for a break, order yourself a cup of coffee from the garage.

Bring hand sanitizer

Winter is flu season, there’s no getting around that. However, there’s nothing wrong with wiping down commonly touched surfaces on the coach with a spot of hand sanitizer. In doing this, you may reduce your risk of catching flu at a later stage.

Entertain yourself

Watch a feel-good movie or read a good book to enjoy your bus journey that much more. You’re not the one driving, so take advantage! Finish that crossword puzzle you’ve been meaning to finish a week ago or listen to your favourite tunes with your eyes closed.

Book your Citiliner bus ticket

We take joy in transporting South Africans to and from various destinations. We take joy in uniting families, in taking students home to their parents. We would like to invite you to take a trip with us. Let us create memories every kilometre of the way.

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