Just woo the girl – Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Port Elizabeth Part 1

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Gentlemen, can we tell you something? You can never ever go wrong with a dinner date if you’re looking to treat your special lady to a memorable evening out. Seriously, light a candle, order a bottle of whatever it is you enjoy drinking, rub your thumb in idle circles over her hand as you gaze into one another’s eyes… magic.

Anyway, back to reality. We took the liberty of picking the top 10 romantic restaurants in Port Elizabeth you can take your date to. Prepare to be amazed silly.


De Kelder Restaurant

If privacy and intimacy is what you’re looking for, De Kelder more than serves. From the moment you and your date enter the rose petal strewed entrance, you’re treated to a culinary and wine experience that rivals that of Michelin graded restaurants.

What to order: Definitely something from the seafood selection

Where: 39 Marine Dr, Port Elizabeth, 6019


Hacklewood Restaurant

Opulence hits you in the form of an ornate chandelier, crystal goblets, starched linen and a menu with dishes starting with words like beauf and le and bleu. Having won 9 American Express Fine Dining Awards, Hecklewood is without a doubt one of the finest restaurants in Port Elizabeth. So, gentlemen, if you’d like to rid your wallet of its considerable weight and impress your girlie, this is the place to take her.

What to order: Anything you can afford – just kidding – just skip dinner and settle for a Chocolate Lava pot (molten chocolate pudding with chocolate, more chocolate and chocolate sprinkled on top 😉 )

Where: 152 Prospect Rd, Port Elizabeth, 6070


Blue Waters Café

If you visit their website, the first thing you’ll notice is that everything is fresh. Treat your lady friend to a dining experience where “every detail has been hand-selected to ensure your visit is uniquely memorable,” – Blue Waters Experience. What more could you want in a date?

What to order: One of their gourmet venison burgers and one for your doggie bag

Where: The Beachfront Boardwalk, Marine Drive, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001


The Club on Bird Street Restaurant

You’ll want to make your booking in advance if you’re interested in visiting this exquisite dining establishment. The high ceiling, unique artwork and chandeliers create a magnificent atmosphere in which to wine and dine someone special. If the dining room becomes too stiff, you can always retire to the bar area.

What to order: Wine

Where: 12 Bird Street, Central Port Elizabeth, 6001


Primi Piatti

If the above mentioned options are too grandiose for your taste (mind the pun), don’t give up. Primi is a lovely, casual, Italian restaurant option with dishes prepared with care in order to preserve and enhance the flavours. The vibe is electric mashed with something distinctly cosmopolitan, the staff pleasant and the food good. At least you don’t have to worry about your date not liking any of the options on the menu.

What to order: Anything made with pasta and leave some room for the Chocolate Plate

Where: Shop 4 Brookes Hills Shopping Centre, Marine Drive, Humewood


Not happy with these restaurant suggestions in Port Elizabeth? Don’t panic, there’s more coming so keep an eye on our blog to read the rest of the reviews.



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