How to get a good night’s rest on a bus

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Sometimes travelling long distances requires one to travel through the night. One thing that makes travelling by bus fantastic is the fact that you can sit back and get a good night’s sleep while still moving towards your final destination. No need to take shifts, no need to pump up your energy with drinks or supplements.

How do you get a good night’s rest while travelling on a bus though? We have a few top tips to help you out in that department.

Choose your seat wisely

For maximum comfort, you’ll want to choose a window seat. You can prop your pillow against the window for extra comfort or stare at the passing scenery to help you fall asleep. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally leaning your head on the shoulder of the passenger sitting next to you.

Good to know: The farther in the back you sit, the bumpier the ride tends to be so opt for a seat in the front of the bus. You’ll also feel a lot safer in the front.

Come prepared

In order to sleep comfortably you require a few things. Pack a neck pillow or a small travel pillow and picnic blanket or make sure you bring a jacket or sweater to keep warm as the temperatures drop at night.

Tune out the rest of the passengers on the bus

Put on your headphones and play some calming music in order to tune out the noise on the bus. You can go so far as to wear an eye mask if it will help you sleep more comfortably.

Get something to help you sleep

If you are having trouble falling asleep, reading a few pages from a book might help. Alternatively you can listen to some calming music or watch a movie on your tablet or phone before sleeping. Although we would not advise it as a primary option, you can drink something to help you sleep.

Keep your valuables safe

In order to avoid the fear of your valuables being stolen while you’re asleep keeping you awake, make sure they are stashed safely. Stash your cash and important documents on your person for example in your shirt and jean pockets. Put all of your electronics in a rucksack, preferably with a lock on it, and hook the sack around your foot or cradle it in your arms.

Take shifts

If you are a person who feels uncomfortable letting your guard down in public areas, you can always arrange with the person travelling with you to take turns sleeping. Alternatively you can tire yourself out at night and sleep during the day if the daylight makes you more comfortable.

Don’t drink too much fluids before you go to sleep

You don’t want a full bladder to cause discomfort or chase you to the loo every other hour while you’re trying to sleep. Avoid consuming salty snacks while travelling, it will limit your thirst.

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