Stretch those buns! A refreshing stop is the Citiliner promise

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Stretch those buns! A refreshing stop is the Citiliner promise

It’s doesn’t matter how awesome we are or how much money we save you – even the comfy vibes of Citiliner are not enough to fend off the long distance blues of travelling cross country.

Long haul trips are the worst: You know, when the tar stretches on forever and you’re stuck wondering if it will ever end. Seriously, will it ever? When all you can see is a couple of dried-out shrubs, rusty windmills and the expanse of nothingness, sometimes you’re not even sure.

But, be patient and be assured! There’s a refreshing stop coming soon and that’s our Citiliner promise. Yes, we pride ourselves on stopping as often as we can to refresh the body and spirit. So, stretch those buns and stretch those legs, take in a deep breath and make the most of a good ol’ soulful rest stop.

Here are 6 things to do (and remember) at your next Citiliner stop.

  1. The Bathroom. What a relief!

Ah yes, the long-awaited loo, for relief yes, but for refreshment too! It’s probably the best site on any refreshing stop despite the fact that Citiliner offers emergency relief in the shape of onboard toilets. So, why not use them? Well, although our onboard loos are always there to help you if you need them, they are best designed for emergencies within the confined space of a bus.

The real relieving should happen on the solid ground, that’s what we suggest. So go on, feel human again!

  1. Stretch! How stretchy are you?

Along with exercise, stretching has been proven to be beneficial for longevity and health. We suppose it helps then that it also feels great stretching those buns, so why not have a go? Reach for those toes and swing those arms – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a good ol’ stretch can do for your mood.

The question is this then: How stretchy are you? Your future self, all tucked up and comfy on a Citiliner seat, will thank you. As for us, no need to thank us. Your company is enough.


  1. Grab a snack. A healthy treat will leave you smiling for longer.

Perhaps your best friend on a lonely trip is a good ol’ snack. Jip, a packet of Simba chips or a sweet-tooth-settling Kit Kat is always a winner but, we wouldn’t be as brilliant as we are if we didn’t recommend a healthy alternative too. So, at the next stop try out some nuts, dried fruit or biltong. They’ll fill the belly for longer and taste great too!

So go on: Grab a snack, why don’t you? Considering all the windmills you’ve counted, you deserve it…

  1. When snacks just won’t do, order a proper meal.

The worst thing about snacks is that you’re never really full, are you? So why not use your next refreshing stop to grab something real to eat? Yes, the sooner you fill up on real food, the sooner you can get back on board, close your eyes, smile, and gently be swayed into a Citiliner nap. Nope, nothing beats a long trip like a time-killing nap!

Whatever you choose to eat, remember to order it as soon as we stop to keep the bus moving to schedule. Keeping to time is one of our proudest attributes so thank you in advance for being so prompt.

  1. Water, water, water! Oh yes, and H2O…

When cost-effective comfort meets bus-tripping perfection, you can easily forget that your body needs the basics. No, you might not be moving around much under the bliss of the aircon, but your body can still dehydrate. Frankly, there’s no other way to put this: It not’s good. Nope, not good at all.

So please, at the next stop remember to buy or fill up with water to keep your body all maxed out on the good stuff: H2O!

  1. Got that forgetful feeling? No need to stress.

We know what it’s like. There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down, getting comfy and just then remembering that you’ve forgotten that one thing you were supposed to remember. As an aside note, please don’t let it be your passport if you’re heading over a border because we can’t help you there, unfortunately. But, if it’s something light like nappies, lip ice or even tissues, worry not dear travellers.

Buy what you’re missing at your next rest stop and think of it this way – at least you have extra at home.

So, don’t feel exhausted. Go back to feeling like yourself. Refresh yourself and top up at your next rest stop with Citiliner. No doubt, keeping refreshed is the best way to tackle the long distance blues!

So go on, feel refreshed and travel with Citiliner. To book your ticket, visit us online at or call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations: 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352


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