Stop before you pass these unusual bus stops.

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Sometimes the bus isn’t on time and you end up waiting anything from a few minutes to an hour. It helps to have a nice bus stop to sit and wait, perhaps read your book. Imagine waiting inside a strawberry or on a swing… Well, with some of these strange bus stops from around the world, you can.

Watch out! “Shark Attack” city bench in Thailand. Would you wait for the bus on this bench?


Some of the bus stops on Shetland Island all look comfortable … too comfortable.



This bus stop comes with an interesting story. A six year old once waited for the school bus in a dilapidated bus shelter. Fed up with waiting in the cold, he wrote a letter to the local newspaper. The council took pity on the boy and installed a brand new one.

However, not long afterwards, wicker chairs appeared, then a carpet and even a microwave. Who put it there, nobody knows, but many people sure are thankful for the comfy additions.

Wait inside a watermelon or pumpkin in Japan

Everyone knows Japan is famous for their wacky architecture and design. These bus stops are no different. They were inspired by fairy tales, like the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella for example.





Why don’t you have a small party while you are waiting for the bus?




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