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We’re not joking. Some of the best memories and experiences can come from taking the bus. Funny moments, serious moments, opportunities to meet new people, see new places… it’s great. This got us thinking about memes, bus memes in particular. Why? We’re not sure, guess we are feeling a bit nostalgic.

So, without further ado and reminiscing, join us in the celebration of buses and have a look at our hilarious picks of bus memes found online.


Taking the bus is the bee’s-knees. Taking a bus through your local dam, well, now that’s just off the hook! Or this bus was just in the mood to do a bit of off-roading.

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Lol! While this is one of the funnier bus memes, hilarious actually, you can rest assured that Citiliner buses’ bumpers and other parts always stay intact when transporting passengers.

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Why worry about missing the school bus when the school bus comes to you?

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Aww so adorable! No words.

Image result for you're so special we had to get you an extra short bus



Game of Thrones memes have been hitting the internet like wildfire (see what we did there?) and this bus meme is certainly one all passengers can relate to.

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Speaking of stopping buses… Raise your hand if you have not yet experienced a moment like this one on a bus? Yeah, thought so.

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This is why we advise all passengers to arrive at the bus stop 30 minutes prior to departure. Don’t worry – no need to grow beards and all that- you can always contact our call centre to re-book your ticket and get a spot on the next bus.

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This bus meme is so outrageously funny it’s almost sad. What deep thoughts have you had while staring out of a bus window?

Image result for girl looking out bus window



Ha, never thought about it yet now we can’t stop thinking about it. How does the driver close the door?

Image result


Oh wait, apparently the door is pneumatic and there’s a release switch on the outside of the bus. The driver opens the door with the cab button and hits the release button once he gets off. Or he can just reach through his side window and operate the door-closing handle.

Good to know.


“Guuurl, sometimes I just need mah personal space. Get your own personal space or do you wanna cash me ousside?” 😉

Empty Seats In A Bus


Thank you for reading, folks. Do you have any hilarious bus memes to share with us?

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