Schools out! 4 awesome holiday visits for the kids

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The holidays are nearly here and all children across the country are prepping for some holiday fun. What about you? As a parent, you’re probably thinking about what to do to keep them entertained when those long summer days get a little too hot to handle.

Here at Citiliner, where you can get affordable bus tickets from Johannesburg to Durban, East London, Harare and whole lot more, we’ve got those kids’ holiday ideas covered.

Here are fun-filled things to do these holidays in a city near you!

  • In Durban, head on down to the beach!

There’s nothing quite like the beach when it comes to entertaining the little ones. It’s free, it’s fun and it will keep them busy for hours! So go, grab the sunblock and head on down to the beach for some splashing in the waves.

On the way there, keep the kids entertained with Citiliner Plus’ Movies on Demand offering. The whole trip there, they won’t make a peep!

For more info on our KZN destinations, click here.

Schools out! 4 awesome holiday visits for the kids

  • Head to the Johannesburg Zoo – it’s fantastic!

The Joburg Zoo is one of the finest on the continent and an informative and brilliant trip for the little ones if you’re looking to get them out the house.

Speaking about getting out the house, Gold Reef City is another getaway the kids will love. However, consider the prices before entering this festive season. Be careful to budget!

One thing is for sure though: On Citiliner, you’ll have a lot more money left over with how affordable we are. Get the best deals here!

Schools out! 4 awesome holiday visits for the kids

  • In Harare, check out the Kuimba Bird Sanctuary

With a refreshing swimming pool in the heart of a well-cared for and brilliant little sanctuary, the kids can learn a thing or two about wildlife while enjoying a day in the sun.

It’s a kid-friendly treat in brilliant Harare, which just so happens to be one of the most popular destinations on our route map. For more Citiliner destinations across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, check out our route map here.

Schools out! 4 awesome holiday visits for the kids

  • In East London, head to Pinecreek!

The kids will love this one! With its very own steam train and fantastic playground, the kids will be entertained for hours. Hours, hours, hours! Incidentally, it’s also the perfect place where you can go catch your own breath.

Whatever the case, you’ll probably love the fact that you and your family can get to East London and back affordably and safely on both Citiliner and Citiliner Plus.

Check out our Eastern Cape destinations right here if you haven’t already.

Schools out! 4 awesome holiday visits for the kids

There you have it! Some awesome kids activities across the breadth of our wonderful nation – and our neighbours! So, this December, when you’re up to your ears in “I’m bored” think of these very words: Citiliner has you covered.!

Book your affordable Citiliner bus tickets right now at or call our 24-hour reservation centre on 087 352 0352 011 611 8000.

Happy travels!

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