Meet the Unitrans family! Greyhound, Citiliner and our most trusted cousin, Mega Coach

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It’s time to set the record straight: Yes, it’s true that Greyhound/Citiliner offers the best coaching service for every pocket, from those seeking the ultra-luxurious depths of Greyhound’s premium class, to the cost-conscious traveller who prefers the comfort and practicality of Citiliner’s unmatched offering. But yes, unfortunately, being the best means that sometimes we’re short on buses, especially during those busy holiday periods.

So what then?

Well, that’s what family is for. Meet our closest and most trusted cousin, Mega Coach, who, very much a part of our Unitrans family, is always kind enough to help out when we’re in a pickle. It helps that their luxurious buses are just like ours – almost identical in fact – and that they too offer unmatched quality and unrivalled service.

Like on Greyhound, expect reclining Comfortline seats (what a pleasure), audio-visual entertainment, bathroom facilities, on-board cabin crew for those selected routes and, you guessed it, climate control through individualised air-vents, reading lights, tray tables and perhaps the most appreciated of any feature on any bus trip the world over: Your very own arm rest. Yip, we understand that it’s the small things on long and lonely road trips that matter most so we’re more than happy to share our cousin with you. Thanks Mega Coach!


Take a ride on our Citiliner Plus Bus!

Mega Coach:

Take a ride on our Citiliner Plus Bus!
Take a ride on our Citiliner Plus Bus!

So remember, the next time you’re expecting a Greyhound bus and a Mega Coach arrives, know that nothing’s different: They’re a part of the same brilliant Unitrans family, offering the same fantastic features and effortless service. Between you and us, we literally couldn’t have it any other way, we suppose. After all, you can’t choose family. We’re just lucky our family is one worth showing off!

So, don’t stress about travelling these holidays. We’ve got you covered. Book your tickets online at or
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