Long bus journeys

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Long bus journeys always tend to go a lot faster when you’re doing something constructive (well, at least something you consider to be constructive). The easiest way to do this is by watching a movie, or something that will keep your mind occupied. Most coaches have on-board movies that are screened during the trip that allows all passengers to relax and enjoy.


However, a lot of people prefer to watch movies and shows on laptops and media players, as it gives them more freedom to choose what they want, to pause, rewind, etc. The quality on newer laptops is also definitively better than those on-board the busses.


The new MacBook Pro Retina, for example, is one of the most highly sophisticated laptops on the market, and coming in at a relatively mid-range price (for its power), has become one of the best sellers in the MacBook Pro range over its short life. The ‘Retina’ display, one of Apple’s most prominent selling points on their new range of products, including iPhones, iPads and the latest MacBook Pro, is the brightest, most visually stimulating display on the market. Capable of pushing out over 5 million pixels on its 2880×1800 display, which is twice the capacity of most full High Definition televisions. This display makes everything, from movies to games and apps brighter and clearer, and will certainly keep you entertained on the bus.


The MacBook Pro Retina comes (at the base point) with 8GB RAM, 256GB solid-state hard drive and an Intel i7 Quad-core processor. These specifications make this machine extremely powerful, even without add-ons, but it is quite limited, as most of the specifications are not upgradeable. However, unless you’re planning on doing some highly intensive video rendering or other process intensive work (which probably won’t happen on a luxury bus liner anyway), the new MacBook Pro is an excellent product. The OSX Lion operating system is a fully functioning machine on its own, allowing seamless integration with multiple apps and processes without much thought. It has also been designed to optimize user-interface simplicity, so everyone will be able to use it in no time at all.


Gaming on the MacBook Pro is manageable enough. This is not a gaming laptop though, so you shouldn’t expect high-end games to work as solidly as they would on a desktop with multiple add-on drivers. It manages the task without any major problems, but as it is not upgradeable, shouldn’t be relied on for too much longer.


So with this powerful little tool on your lap, there should be no reason why a cross-country bus ride would become boring, even for a second.


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