5 Reasons why Limpopo is this year’s go-to winter holiday destination

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South Africa is known for its fair weather year ‘round but if you’re looking for a crisp, warm holiday, Limpopo is the place to be. With scenic landscapes touched with the glow of the sun and gorgeous wildlife, you don’t need many reasons to make Limpopo your winter holiday destination of choice, but, we’ll give you 5 reasons anyway.

Relaxation destination

Limpopo is littered with stunning nature reserves giving visitors a close and personal look into the lives of Africa’s finest animals. Curl up inside your chalet at night with the distant sound of crickets and rise to a fresh morning and enjoy a cup of coffee on your porch as you watch the sunrise.

Warm your blood with various adventure activities

Be it on a game drive or exploring the nearby Echo caves, you won’t have much opportunity to stop and catch a chill. Limpopo offers various adventure activities to keep holidaymakers up and at it throughout the day. We would recommend a visit to ‘Adventures with Elephants’.

It’s wild out there in Limpopo

Limpopo gives visitors a unique opportunity to sight not only local favourite animals such as the Big 5 but also Bengal tigers and wolves, to name a few. Go on a game drive, heck, go on many! Just don’t forget the camera; you might just find a baboon waiting to bid you a good morning or a giraffe ready for a photo shoot.

The Sunland Baobab is reason enough

Limpopo is home to the majestic Sunland Baobab, famous internationally for being the widest of its kind in the world. This tree is carbon dated to be over 1 700 years old and home to a variety of birds and other species looking for shelter. For as little as R25 per person, you and your family and friends can enjoy a day braaing under this tree.

You get bang for your buck

Limpopo is an incredibly affordable holiday destination offering accommodation options and activities to suit every budget. If you’re looking to go on a spontaneous month-end weekend away, with the right research, you can escape to Limpopo without breaking the bank.

We’ll share one more bonus benefit and then leave you to decide. If you live in Pretoria or Johannesburg, you needn’t spend a day and a half on the road to reach your holiday destination. Limpopo is a mere few hours’ drive from major cities in Gauteng.

Citiliner can take you there

Citiliner offers a route to and from Limpopo and various destinations. Pack your bags, zip up your jacket and get ready to travel to this gorgeous go-to winter destination in style and comfort. Passengers are encourage to recline their seats and allow our trained drivers to get them where they need to be safely and swiftly.

Pick your route and book your ticket.

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