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I spy with my little eye something beginning with a B! Bored kids and 5 games to play on a Greyhound/Citiliner trip!

For most people, the idea of a long road trip with agitated and bored children is tiresome, to say the least. But, here at Greyhound/Citiliner, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we think that kids can make the bussing experience a whole lot more enjoyable, as we’ve learnt to tap into their game-loving energy. Yes, even adults these days can get their road-tripping game on, so why not have a go at some of these old-time classics. Game on? Game on!

Here are five games we recommend for kids who join us (and adults too) to make the Greyhound/Citiliner experience an even better one. No need for fancy and expensive alternatives – all you need is a will to play and an eye on the prize…


  1. ‘I spy with my little eye’. The one that never ends!

If you don’t know the game, be prepared for the most addictive road-tripping fiasco of all time. Adults and children are in for hours of a treat – and lovable frustration too – if indeed your child’s a genius and chooses a thing that is quite literally unfindable. How does it work? Like this:

Someone starts it off by saying, “I spy with my little eye something beginning with an R”. The thing with an R – an example in this case – must be something that you can see from your seat. Then, everyone else has to guess it. What could it be, you think? Surely it’s ‘road’, you hope. Wrong! Mmm –  rear view mirror? Wrong! Rock? Wrong!

The game has begun. Will it ever end? No one knows…


  1. Car cricket. Sixes away!

It sounds like a whole lot of noise and bat-smashing fun, but it’s actually as cultured and tame as the real game itself. In fact, it can be quietly played from the comfort of your seat, and only requires some simple mind-maths. How does it work? Like this:

Someone “takes the crease”. By taking the crease, you keep an eye out for oncoming cars. Concentrate, because if you see a white car you score a single run. If you see a blue car, you score four runs. If you see a yellow car, you score six runs. If you see a red car, you’re out! Yes, for the sake of sanity, accept maroon as red. Trust us!

Most runs win, of course, and the question then is: Who will be the Greyhound/Citiliner champion? Will we ever know?


  1. 20 questions, one guess!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Questions, questions and more questions: Isn’t that what we’re trying to avoid, the non-stop questions like are we there yet? Well, exactly! This question game will turn those annoying questions interesting, and leave you entertained and laughing for hours. How does it work? Like this:

Someone thinks of an animal, a food or a simple noun. Then, the others have 20 questions, all-in-all, to figure out what that person is thinking of. Choose your questions wisely though because once your questions are up each person only gets one chance to guess the thing. If you guess wrong, you’re out. If you guess early and get it wrong, you’re also out!

Whoever guesses right first, wins. If no one guesses right, the unbreakable thinker is declared victorious and has bragging rights for the rest of the trip.


  1. The Place/Map Race! Where on Earth, we wonder.

Now, you’ll need two things for this. The first is a map. The second is a quick-thinking and brilliant kid just like yours! The game happens to be a great learning one too and is a whole lot of geographical fun. How does it work? Like this:

Similar to Where’s Wally, but with real-life places instead, it’s all about finding a place or a name on a map amongst a thousand others. So, buy a cheap road map along the way or bring one with. Then, someone looks at the map and announces a place or a name that they can see without pointing it out. Then, they hand the map to others and they have 30 seconds to find the place.

Count aloud as the end approaches – it mounts the pressure! Where on earth, they think, can it be?


  1. The Ping, Pang, Pong Game. P-p-p-p-prepare to stutter!

Yes, it’s a winner for kids and will keep you on your ping-pang-pong toes. Best played quickly and with four or more players, it requires a whole lot of thinking skill! How does it work? Like this:

Figure out an order of people and start clockwise. In the beginning, you should know who comes before whom, and who is next. Then, the first person says ping. The next person says ping. Once the game is off – and if it is your turn – you can choose to say ping, pang or pong. Ping is a “normal shot” and continues the momentum to the next person and that person goes. Pang skips a person. Pong is a “shot back” and reverses the direction to the previous person. Each person has to react immediately and choose one of the three.

What’s left is a stuttering mess of whose next and who’s out! Most enjoyable with this game, see how long and quick you can go!

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