Joburg to Blantyre! 4 reasons to visit Malawi today with Citiliner

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Have you heard the good news? Well, if you haven’t, here it is: Citiliner now officially travels to Blantyre, Malawi, from Johannesburg, and to be honest, as the bus company with affordable bus tickets around, we couldn’t be happier.

For good reason too: Firstly, we’re now one of the most affordable and comfortable ways to travel to Malawi and back again, and secondly, it’s a special route worth raving about!

If you’re not sure what we mean, don’t worry. Malawi will speak for itself. In fact, it’s almost too beautiful to describe so thank goodness it does…

Here are 4 sights to see and things to do if you choose the Johannesburg-Blantyre route today.

  1. Pop-in at the extraordinary Mandala House, Blantyre

    Joburg to Blantyre! 4 reasons to visit Malawi today with Citiliner

A visit to Mandala house is a step back in time, and now an artistic and cultural visit too. It celebrates local arts and craft and gives us a sneak peek into colonial, historical and ethnic Malawi. It also celebrates contemporary artists, giving a warm overview of Malawi old and new.

  1. Grab a beer at the Carlsberg Brewery, Blantyre

In the gentle heat of Malawi’s ever-welcoming weather, grab a beer and a tour at Blantyre’s Carlsberg brewery. Celebrate in true Malawi style and try the local’s favourite drink: The Green! Have a few laughs why don’t you, while you figure out what’s next on you awesome Malawi visit.

  1. Head up to Monkey Bay, Lake Malawi

    Joburg to Blantyre! 4 reasons to visit Malawi today with Citiliner

Malawi is most famous for its extraordinary lake and where else in the world can you watch fishermen toss fish for swooping fish eagles? Snorkel with an extraordinary ray of colourful, fresh-water fish and soak in the absolute wealth of beauty to be found on one of the astonishing inner coastlines on the planet.





  1. Sneak away to the Majete Wildlife Reserve

    Joburg to Blantyre! 4 reasons to visit Malawi today with Citiliner

Of course, Malawi is also renowned for its world-class safaris, some big, some small. This one, situated just two hours south of Blantyre, is one of the many. So, if you’re up for it and want to catch the Big 5 without needing to prep for an age, it’s a definitely a day visit worth taking!

No doubt, Malawi is an extraordinary place and deserves our praise! Its beauty is one of the many reasons we’ve forged a Johannesburg – Blantyre route and we just know that Malawians themselves will approve.

So, book your trip to Blantyre today from R1250.00 and from Blantyre to Johannesburg from R650.00 – you won’t regret it. Affordable tickets are now available at, at our offices or call us on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352 or contact our Citiliner Malawi, Blantyre office directly on: +265 99 401 0839




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