Human Rights Day with Citiliner in Cape Town

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On 21 March we commemorate Human Rights Day in South Africa, which is as much a celebration of our shared humanity as it is about mourning the tragedy of apartheid and the Sharpeville Massacre.

Human Rights Day

Here at Citiliner, it is also a day of reflection; when we come together as South Africans and look inwards. Our human rights, after all, are the rights we share with each other to remind us of who we are, where we came from and the painless, equal and beautiful future we must always strive for.

If you’re in Cape Town this Human Rights Day or you’re hoping to get there, let Citiliner guide you. Because, where better to reflect on this historic day than by visiting some of Cape Town’s most historical, educational and downright awesome places in the oldest city of them all? Where better to celebrate us and remember fallen heroes than beneath the iconic Table Mountain?

Here at Citiliner, your cost-effective bussing solution, we’ve suggested 5 things you can do this Human Rights Day in and around Cape Town that will best commemorate such an important and influential day. It’s the least we could do in honour of South African heroes fallen.

  1. Visit the South African Museum

A look into the cultural and natural depths of our past is perhaps the best way to ground yourself this Human Rights Day: South Africa after all, is part of something bigger than all of us, around since a time long before ours.

The immense and fascinating journey through the museum takes you back millions of years and helps you appreciate the enormity of the journey it took to get here. The kids will love it and so will you!

Then, have a picnic in the majestic Company’s Gardens beneath the museum – what a day to commemorate the history of the moment.

Human Rights Day

  1. Visit Robben Island

Few visits are as moving as the one to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of his life in prison. On Human Rights Day, it is especially moving when we realise the tragedy of his time spent there and the success he made of us all when he left. Perhaps it’s the most appropriate place in the Cape to honour the heroes fallen at Sharpeville – but without doubt, you’ll still enjoy it for its educational and fascinating story.

On the trip there, enjoy iconic views of Table Mountain from the ice cold waters of Table Bay.

  1. Visit Mzoli’s Place

If you’re the mood for something a bit more rowdy, why not try out some township cuisine at Mzoli’s Place? It’s a Gugulethu-based shack restaurant that celebrates the cultural lifestyle of township living, with music and dance, great food and drinks. You’ll thank us later for suggesting it, and while you’re there get stuck into some of the meats, which rank among some of the tastiest in South Africa.

As a unique cultural mixing pot beneath the mountain, perhaps it is the most fascinating and enjoyable visit on this Human Rights Day.

  1. Visit the District Six Museum

Human Rights Day

There are few museums as fascinating as the District Six Museum as it too has an intriguing story to tell of apartheid, which is unique all on its own. It takes you through of one of the most historical and colourful areas in South Africa and the struggle for human rights among the people who lived there and the people who were displaced. It is a fascinating and rich look into the past that you’ll leave overjoyed for visiting. As a museum, it is best experienced with a spoken guide.

When you’re done, explore nearby Woodstock and enjoy the urban mix of graffiti and antique spaces that will leave you appreciative of the diversity we share.

Human Rights Day

  1. Climb Lions Head for a picnic this Human Rights Day 

Cape Town is blessed with hiking trails all around it, but perhaps none is more hiked than Lions Head. The climb up offers panoramic views of arguably the most beautiful city in the world so take it slow as you go. Enjoy it! Remember your phone before you climb by the way, and your water – you’re about to enter selfie paradise in a world above a world, so don’t spoil it with thirst.

Up top, take it all in: Cape Town, Robben Island and South Africa beyond will leave you in awe of the history gone and the journey still to come.

Wherever you are this Human Rights Day, Citiliner wishes you a remarkable and moving one. But, wherever you need to be, book your Citiliner trip to get there by visiting our website today at or alternatively call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations on 011 611 8000.

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