How to respond to unwanted attention while travelling on a bus

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Let’s face it, it isn’t always safe for females to travel alone. We thought we’d approach the month of love differently by providing solo female travellers with the tools to deal with unwanted attention while travelling on a bus.

Always sit next to a female on the bus

This is the most obvious way to avoid unwanted attention from the opposite sex. It is great if you are travelling with a friend, if not, then make one and be sure to stick together. Don’t be shy, females tend to look out for one another. You will feel safer and more comfortable with another female beside you, so if you are strangers, be sure to introduce yourself and engage in polite conversation.

If you two are travelling during the night, usually the time when things tend to go awry, and one of you wants to sleep, why not set up a guard routine. One stays awake for an hour or two until the other relieves her of her duties. It might sound extreme but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Be polite

This might sound very contradicting but it is the first rule to avoid making the situation worse. The last thing you want is to provoke the person which might lead to a fight. If a man approaches you then politely ask him to back off.

There are obviously a lot of witnesses on the bus so make it clear that you are uncomfortable with the situation. Speak a little louder so everyone else can hear there’s something going down. Stay calm and don’t swear or antagonize the person.

Respond to the degree of unwanted attention

Some of the common forms of unwanted male attention include:

  • Wolf whistling and hissing
  • Staring and leering
  • Inappropriate questions directed at you that might make your feel uncomfortable
  • Touching, groping or blocking your way
  • Inappropriate comments about your looks

There are different ways to respond to a situation. Some might be harmless such as wolf whistles, leering and the shouting of inappropriate comments. In these cases, your best bet is to ignore them. Certainly do not make it a bigger situation by reacting or swearing at the person. If he is not actually approaching you or touching you, just leave the situation be and listen to some music.

It is a different case, however, if the person is approaching you and touching you. This is when you make it clear that you are uncomfortable. Speak loudly and clearly, it is a bus with many people riding in it, someone is bound to hear you.

Travel with a male companion

This is probably the easiest solution. Simply avoid travelling alone and instead take a friend, brother or boyfriend along for the ride. The minute other males sense that you are off the market they will leave you alone. Besides the physical presence, the added protection is a bonus should someone still try to make a move.  Common forms of unwanted male attention

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