How to keep children occupied during load shedding

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South Africans all around will understand the pure frustration when the power goes out just at the moment you have food on the stove and the children ready to watch soapies. In a blink of an eye all your plans for the evening change and you are left with hungry, bored children.

Since we understand your frustrations completely, we have decided to share some tips on how to keep your children occupied during the dark hours of load shedding.


First of all, sort out the food problem

If no one in your family has eaten dinner yet then no one will be up for anything fun anyway. You can make cold meat sandwiches or order a takeaway. How you go about it is up to you, just get some food into those empty bellies.


Bust out some board games

With technology driving our lives, we get so little quality time to spend with our family and kids. Board games are a fun way to get the whole family involved in some healthy competition and to spark some long overdue conversation.


Have a talent show

Load shedding will give everyone in the family more than enough time to plan something, practice and perform the show. Rope the kids into coming up with a script and performing it or alternatively try some improvisation. Nothing but silliness and fun can come from this idea.


Tell some ghost stories

The lights are down with the candles leaving long, stretched shadows on the walls … what better setting in which to tell ghost stories. Depending on your children’s ages, don’t make it too scary. Why not roast marshmallows over a candle flame? Everyone cuddle beneath a blanket and enjoy the stories.


Keep the IPads and laptops charged whenever possible

This should be regarded as a last resort since it does not aid your efforts to connect with your family. You can put on a movie on your laptop or the kids can play games on the IPads. If things get too quiet you can play some music and teach your little girl or son how to dance, another opportunity for goofy antics.

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Before you know it, the lights go back on and you find yourself and your family laughing and enjoying the games without having noticed a thing.

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