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Clash of the Buses: The not-so-secret secret difference between Greyhound and Citiliner

Both Greyhound and Citiliner coaches offer quality. That’s a fact! However, there are subtle differences between the two that’ll get you thinking: What actually is the difference between Greyhound and Citiliner when the experience of both leaves you with a real sense of value for money, a feeling of safety without compromise, and relaxed beyond measure?

Well, we’ll tell you. Here’s the not-so-secret secret you’ve been dying to know…

Citiliner – cultured and cost-effective

Citiliner is our semi-luxury coach service aimed at the cost-conscious traveller. As a cost-effective option, it emphases safety and comfort at lower fares, without compromising on quality. Frequent driver training, 24-hour vehicle monitoring, with drive-cams to monitor safety on the road, Citiliner coaches, like Greyhound, are packed with value and safety.

But is it luxurious? Well, meet Citiliner Plus, with bigger seats and more leg room. Essentially, it is a spacious and tech-savvy moving friend with USB charge points that keeps you connected on those long and lonely roads. Luxurious? Enough to keep you satisfied.

Greyhound – grand and dreamy

Greyhound is our luxury coach service, which features reclining seats – what a pleasure – and a cabin filled with modern entertainment systems. It is an alluring step-up in luxury that is deliberately designed for traveling peace. Why? Well, because you deserve it.

There’s more: Its Dreamliner coach is the ultra-luxurious version of the already luxurious standard, designed for passengers with a taste for business class and 5-star specifications. In certain areas, seats are covered in spacious memory foam and feel best reclined almost flat. With individual air-con vents and other traveling luxuries like individual arm rests and ear phones on request, it’s truly the most peaceful way to eat away the time.

So there you have it: Our not-so-secret secret. Citiliner and Greyhound offer quality services for different pockets, but always with safety and a smile. That’s there is standard!

So what’s your bussing style? Choose what’s best for you at or

Happy traveling!

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