Great South African Spots you can show your kids

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South Africa is such a lovely place to tour with your children whom have seen so little of what this magnificent country has to offer. Take advantage of the next school holiday and show your child some of these fantastic South African spots.


Kruger National Park

Head on over to this iconic reserve, the ultimate location for animal sightseeing. As one of the largest nature reserves in Africa, you can teach your child not only of the Big 5 but a vast variety of other animals as well.

kruger national park

Make a list of animals which your child can tick off as they have spotted it, better yet, have them take a photo of the animal which you can print out and paste in their little travel journal after the holiday. No child should ever be robbed of the opportunity to explore the Kruger National Park.


The Panorama Route – Mpumalanga

Experience the incredible vistas and glorious waterfalls with your child. Hike up to God’s Window and show your child a unique beauty they won’t soon get to see again. Nothing instills a love of nature better than a holiday amongst Mpumalanga’s most prised waterfalls.


Other attractions include the Berlin Falls, Lisbon Falls, Mac Mac Falls and certainly do not leave out a stop to the gold rush town of Pilgrim’s Rest in your itinerary.


Cango Caves – Oudtshoorn

Ignite your little ones’ imaginations with a trip down into the enigmatic Cango Caves. The extensive system of tunnels and chambers goes on for kilometres and kilometres with intriguing stalagmites and stalactites ever present.


Embark on an ‘Adventure Tour’ which lasts around an hour and a half and be sure to pay a visit to the nativity scene formation known as Madonna and Child.

A never-ending carpet of flowers swaying in the light breeze. Take your child to a little piece of South Africa’s magic which they might have only read about in books. The flower season commonly reaches its peak during August to September, so you have plenty of time to plan your trip if you start now.



Robben Island

Show your child a scene from our beautiful history with a tour to Robben Island; Nelson Mandela’s prison for over two decades of his life. It is one of those things your child would have to see to understand.


We have an extensive route map with stops at most locations around South Africa. If you would like to show your child the beauty that is South Africa, there is no better way to travel than with Citiliner. Book your ticket with us and find out why we are the people’s choice.

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