Good reasons why it’s easier to take the bus to your next holiday destination

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The December holiday is around the corner and it’s been a fantastic year thus far! Are you thinking of going somewhere special this December? Bet you are already planning everything, you’ve saved up and then the petrol price hits a nerve. Perhaps you have to drive 8 hours or more to reach your destination? Well, we can imagine that the cost simply to reach your destination would take up almost all of your savings.

Allow us to start with our first good reason why it’s easier to take the bus to your next holiday destination.

It’s affordable

With Citiliner you can purchase a one way ticket or return ticket at a fraction of what it would cost you to drive yourself. Do you have kids travelling with you? Fantastic! We have discounts for kids as well.

It’s safe

Can’t afford to buy the spare tyre you had to use during your last trip? Forget spare tyres and travel with Citiliner. You don’t have to worry to keep your eyes on the road for long hours on end, it’s too stressful. Sit back, relax and enjoy the passing scenery as you allow Citiliner’s professional bus driver to get you to your destination safely and comfortably.

It’s less stressful

As mentioned above, travelling with a family, having to focus on the road and where you are going for hours on end get stressful. With Citiliner you don’t have to worry about falling asleep at the wheel. You can now actually enjoy the trip with your family, really bond.

You don’t have to pay for overnight accommodation

Sometimes travelling long distances requires you to travel for 2 days or longer. Having to locate and book overnight accommodation is not only expensive, it’s a schlep. When you travel on a bus, however, you can sleep on the bus and relax as the driver takes you to where you need to be without delays, no overnight accommodation required.

Taking the bus is more enjoyable

We’ve more than established that taking the bus is easier. Now, we tell you that taking the bus is more enjoyable. You get to bond with and spend more time with your family when travelling on a bus without having to snap at your kids to remain quiet while you are focusing on the road.

The holiday should begin the moment you leave the house! Let’s make that happen. Pick a route and let’s take you somewhere special.

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