Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of those quick and easy answers to those frequently asked questions! If you have anymore, don’t be shy. Give us a shout on Facebook or call us on 011 611 8000 or 087 352 0352. Alternatively you can mail us on


Where do I send my CV for possible Employment?

We are always looking for new talent to join our ever-growing family. If you think you have what it takes to work for us, kindly fax a detailed copy of your CV to our Human Resources Department on 011 249 8771 or, alternatively, email it to

I would like to buy a ticket online for a family member who is based in Harare and is travelling to Johannesburg. Can they collect the ticket without providing the credit card? We share the same surname.

Well, here’s how it works: The credit card holder needs to collect the tickets and verify the credit card when they do so. Sorry about that! But, send the traveller a copy of the ticket or the reference number and you’re all sorted! Your family member should present this with their passport to board.

Why is my bus sometimes late?

Citiliner makes every effort to keep to schedule. We really do. However, sometimes our service is disrupted and the schedule changes because of uncontrollable circumstances such as road conditions, unexpectedly high passenger loads or weather. For these rare occasions when we are late, we cannot say sorry enough.

I forgot something on a bus. Can I get it back?

Yes! Anything left on a bus and then found by one of our brilliant and loyal staff will be handed over to the bus driver. If so, it will safely end up at our Customer Care Office the next day. Please call us the next day, after midday, to check if your item was handed in. You can get hold of this office on +27 (0)11 249 8700.

We must kindly stress however, that although we may be able to help locate an item in an emergency, not all of our buses are operated by the same drivers throughout the day, and we may not be able to find misplaced items until it is handed in the next day.

Of course, we encourage all of our passengers to double check when leaving the bus for any personal items that could be left behind.

Are pets allowed on Citiliner?

No animals are allowed on the bus, not because we don’t love them and think they’re super cute, but because that’s just the rules. Of course, trained guide dogs accompanying the visually impaired will be allowed.

Can anyone charter a Citiliner bus?

Yes, anyone can charter a Citiliner bus for private use. Contact the Charter department on +27 (0)11 611 8000.

Who can I contact for more information about Citiliner, your prices and your routes?

For the quickest answer, feel free to contact our 24hr reservations department on 011 611 8000 or 087 352 0352. For more information online, please visit – jip, this very site. It has all the info that you could possibly need. In the menu, browse all of latest deals, discounts, rewards and route maps.

Alternatively, you can drop us a message right now on Facebook.

How do I file a complaint?

We sincerely apologise if you’re looking to file a complaint and we will certainly do our very best to resolve the issue. Please feel free to contact the Customer Care line on +27 (0)11 611 8000 or send us your complaint on Facebook, direct to our wall or inbox.

Rest assured, all complaints will be handled with care and resolved.

I need to make a booking for a family member in Durban and I am in Johannesburg. How does my brother get the tickets?

Book your ticket at any Citiliner outlet and ask the booking agent to set the “ticket pick-up†for Durban. You brother will then be able to collect the ticket in Durban. However, this is limited to Citiliner offices ONLY.

I live abroad. Can I book using a foreign credit card?

Unfortunately not. Due to an increase in fraud surrounding the use of foreign credit cards, it is in both of our interests that we do not offer this option. Certainly, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused but you will either need to settle payment via a bank deposit upon booking, or alternatively you could make your booking when you arrive in South Africa.

How much luggage can I bring on my trip?

Each passenger is allowed two suitcases free of charge. Each must not be bigger than this: 80cm by 60cm by 30cm. Both cases together may not weigh more than 30kg in total. Additional luggage will be charged at an extra R5 per kilogram for trips in and around South Africa, and an extra R6 per kilogram for cross border services.

When is a good time to board my bus?

The earlier the better! But, to be safe, passengers are required to be at the departure point at least 30 minutes before your bus is scheduled to leave. You can find the time that your bus is scheduled to leave on your bus ticket. Any seat not filled within 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave will be sold to standby passengers on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do I always travel on a Citiliner-marked coach?

No, not always. During holidays and when things are really busy, external buses of the same quality are contracted to operate on our behalf. These include ones from fellow Unitrans family members, Mega Coach.

So remember: The next time you’re expecting a Citiliner bus and a Mega Coach arrives, know that nothing’s different. They’re a part of the same brilliant Unitrans family, offering the same fantastic features and luxurious service.

May I bring my own drink and food onboard?

Yes, absolutely! However, no alcohol will be allowed to be consumed on board – none. Citiliner has a strict zero tolerance policy in this regard.

Are drivers and crew trained?

Absolutely! Safety is one of our proudest attributes. All drivers and crew are carefully selected and professionally trained to meet all the required safety and service standards. All drivers are also sent for refresher training on a regular basis and undergo medical examinations every year.

I have special medical requirements. Will I be able to travel?

Passengers travelling with any medical condition must kindly contact Customer Care ahead of departure or communicate this to us when the booking is being made. Passengers are advised to keep all medication (chronic or not) with them at all times in the cabin. Medication must not be placed in the luggage compartment.

Can I travel with valuable items?

Of course, but please – be careful! Passengers should make sure to safeguard all their personal belongings and valuable items. These must be kept inside the coach cabin at all times. Citiliner will not accept any liability for the loss of any such items.

I wish to travel cross border. What do I need?

Firstly, before booking with us, please make double sure that all of your travel documents are well in order to cross international borders. A minimum of 6 months’ validity is required on all passports. You should contact the relevant embassy and/or consulate for more information before booking with us.

If you are travelling with a minor, make sure that their passports and/or all travel documents are also in order because age restrictions may apply here.

Secondly, on the day you are scheduled to leave, make sure that you have all of your valid travel documents, passports and the required visas for cross-border journeys on your person. Please don’t forget them!

Certainly, we cannot stress this enough because Citiliner will not accept responsibility for passengers who are not in possession of proper and/or valid travel documents, nor where entry to any country or territory is refused to any person for any reason. No passenger shall have any claim of any nature against Citiliner or its appointed agents should he/she be prevented from undertaking or continuing with any journey as a result thereof.

Finally, please come armed with patience. Not a fault of our own, border crossing can sometimes can take long time and your patience is sincerely appreciated.

My child is under 12. Can they travel alone?

Unfortunately not: All children under 12-years old will need to travel with an adult. Proof of identity will be required when the ticket is purchased and upon boarding the coach. Is that proof for the child or the parent? Confirmation needed.

If a child is older than 2-years old but younger than 12-years old, they will still be required to purchase a ticket because they will need to be seated. This ticket however, will be charged differently to an adult ticket. If however, you are travelling with an infant younger than 2-years old, they may travel free of charge provided they sit on the adult’s lap.

Different regulations with age restrictions apply to cross-border journeys. Please contact the relevant embassy or consulate to be well prepared to cross borders.

Should I fall ill on the coach, what will happen to me?

Well, before travelling with us or upon booking, kindly make our reservations department and the crew aware of any existing medical conditions – and further still, at departure. Please note that is unlawful for any crew member to assist with the dispensing of any medication so please prepare for this.

Know that while you are on board, you are in the best hands. All travellers on a Citiliner bus are protected by Helivac’s Emergency Service. Should anything happen to any passenger that requires emergency assistance, they will be on hand.

Will the coach stop somewhere for food?

Of course – what do you take us for? Jokes aside, depending on the length of the journey, there will be several stops for you to beat away the hunger and fill up that belly.

On board, you’ll get access to complimentary tea and coffee (on most coaches) and there will also be several refreshments on sale – just ask a friendly crew member. But for those real hearty meals, just enquire when the next stop might be. It won’t be too long – we promise!

On that note, please note that our meal stops are reasonably short, so please would you place your order immediately upon arrival. Oh – and don’t get lost by the way! Have a look at the coach number as you leave so that you know which coach to board again when you’re back. It happens…

As for smokers, we have you covered too. Please use meal stops to smoke. Unfortunately, at shorter, intermediate stops there won’t be time as we always try our best to keep to schedule.

Are all coaches air-conditioned?

You know it! All coaches are air conditioned as standard. Indeed, the temperature is carefully monitored throughout the journey, but passengers are advised to travel with a jersey or a small blanket for late afternoon and evening departures for when things might get a little chilly.

Are there onboard toilets?

There most certainly are, but these are for emergencies only. If it is not an emergency, can it wait until the next stop? Kindly remember that our on-board loos are for toilet emergencies only. Unlike permanent toilets like the ones you have at home, coach loos can unfortunately clog up with over use and can build up dirt over time

That’s why after every trip, we drain our on-board loos at least six times, rinse them out and then scrub them with germ-killing chemicals. It’s all part of our mission to offer you pristine relief whenever you need it.

But, please remember and let us stress: On-board loos are for emergencies only. They should also not be used as a dustbin for other waste disposal. Out of respect for other passengers and our hard-working cleaning staff, please do not dispose of nappies, sanitary towels or any other items in the toilet, except for toilet paper.

Please use our regular meal and leg-stretching stops to use the bathroom. Thanks a mil!