Famous female athletes you might not have known about

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Since the Rio Olympics starts tomorrow and women’s month is here, we thought we’d celebrate phenomenal female athletes. Do you have a favourite?

Caster Semenya 

She is an Olympic favourite in the 800m division and has earned many accolades throughout her career. She will be doing her thing this year again in Rio.

Natalie DuToit

An inspirational woman who became a legend in the paralympic world as a swimmer. A true example of a woman who never let anything get her down.

Justine Robbeson

Now retired from a successful track and field career, she continues to inspire people all around with her intense passion and drive.

Trisha Chetty

Trisha is living proof that cricket isn’t just for men. She is a South African cricketer who has made two Tests and over 100 limited-overs appearances for South Africa since 2007.

René Kalmer

She has competed over distances ranging from 800 metres to marathons. She represented our country at the 2008 Summer Olympics and continues to inspire young girls all around.


Charlene, Princess of Monaco

Can’t picture a princess as an athlete? Well, before she gave up her swim cap for a crown, she used to swim in the Olympics.

There are countless more women out there waving our flag high and proving that women are not only strong but determined. Women can achieve anything they put their minds to. We hope this article inspired you in some way to do something great. Happy Women’s month and, from Citiliner, good luck to all of South Africa’s athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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