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From colourful school buses to 1.1 million dollar stunners, buses have played a crucial role in society for decades. So, we thought it’s time to pay homage to some of the most famous buses known throughout history. Bow down to the tyres that have paved the way to public transportation glory… Bit too much? Have a look and tell us if you recognise any of these famous buses.

President Obama’s $1.1 Million campaign bus

Former US President, Barack Obama, arrived at the Iowa State Fair in 2012 in an armoured bus named “Ground Force One”. This formidable 45-foot long bus was designed by the Secret Service and was painted a sleek black. While buses are considered a cheaper form of transportation, this bus cost $1.1 million dollars.

Further, Ken Kesey’s Bus

Author, Ken Kesey, purchased an International Harvester school bus, “Further” in 1939 to carry his “Merry Band of Pranksters”. They travelled cross-country and filmed their adventures as they went. Footage of this epic journey was never released until the 2011 documentary film, Magic Trip.

Partridge Family Bus

This is probably one of the most famous buses of the 1950s. A few of you Golden Oldies fans might recognise this bus. The Pilot episode of the Partridge family showed the family purchasing their bus, a 1957 Chevrolet, from a used car dealer. The family went on to give their bus its colourful and quirky paint job.

After the instant fame this bus garnered, it had disappeared after a few years. It is said that the bus was parked for years behind Lucy’s Tacos on Martin Luther King Blvd, in terrible shape with windows broken and flat tyres. Whatever happened to the bus, it would suffice to say that it’s colourful star had well and truly faded.

Bus featuring in Speed

As fantastic as Sandra Bullock was in her role in the film Speed, as bus enthusiasts, we cannot give her all of the credit. The bus was also a pretty great feature. I mean, the movie just wouldn’t have been the same had it been taking place in a taxi or a train for that matter.  Sure, trains calls for dramatic cinematic crashes but buses are just better, wouldn’t you agree?

Willie Nelson’s Tour Bus

News broke out late in 2016 that Country Legend, Willie Nelson’s Tour bus was up for sale. If you consider yourself a fan of his music, this would’ve been the ultimate fan memorabilia. Willie commissioned four busses to be built for himself and his band. In 2014, a group of Austin entrepreneurs bought the “Me and Paul” bus. They restored the bus to its former glory and rented it out for weddings, concerts and more.

Chicken buses

If you head on over to the Mexican side of America you would spot numerous of these colourful buses carting both passengers and their chickens. While you wouldn’t think these buses were anything special, we just couldn’t leave them off the list. Decorated in bright and quirky colours, these buses really was a staple in Mexico and famous in itself.

What would say if Citiliner painted its buses some bright, garish colour

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