Facts about travelling that’ll make you want to travel right now!

 In South Africa

There’s no doubt that travelling is good for the heart, soul and mind. Whether you travel locally or internationally, to visit family or solo, for three weeks or three months, you are sure to reap the benefits that comes with travelling. Don’t believe us? Here are a few solid facts.

  1. Travelling to a new destination, a few problems are bound to come up. This is why travelling improves your problem solving skills.
  2. A good holiday lowers your risk of heart disease. Why? Well, it’s got to do with a lowered amount of stress and a lot more relaxation. Relaxation is good for the heart.
  3. Studies prove that money spent on travelling rather than material goods makes you happier.
  4. According to a study, men who did not take an annually vacation have a 20% higher risk of death and approximately a 30% greater risk of heart disease being the cause of death.
  5. Almost 89% of people on a study have seen a significant drop in stress levels after a day or two of vacationing.
  6. Travelling is good for those who suffer from depression.
  7. Couples who travel together experience increased feelings of intimacy.
  8. Fun but random fact! Austrian citizens are said to have the most vacation time of any country.
  9. Travelling improves your creativity and intelligence.
  10. When you travel, you also expand your general knowledge as you immerse yourself in various local cultures.
  11. Travelling boosts your self-confidence and independence.
  12. The more you travel, the more you improve your social and communication skills.
  13. Every trip engraves new unforgettable memories. Good memories are good for the mind and soul.
  14. You’ll gain a new appreciation for your home and where you come from after travelling.
  15. You’ll expose your palate to new culinary adventures.
  16. You get to meet new people and experience new things.
  17. You might get the opportunity to face your fears of the unknown.
  18. Go hiking or explore new places. The sunshine, happy people and exercise is good for you.
  19. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the gems hidden in South Africa, its cultures, people and experiences.

Even you escape to a wild reserve for the weekend, it’s vital that you make time to relax and see our beautiful country. Overworking has never helped anyone. If you agree, Citiliner’s bus door is always open to take you where you need to be swiftly and safely.







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