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Contacting, complaining or calculating a bus trip? Thank social media for that!

Here at Greyhound/Citiliner we’ve made contacting us that much easier with the convenient use of social media. Yes, Facebook and Twitter have never been more useful for our customers because now you can quickly ask, complain and even get a quote for a bus trip by merely dropping us a message. Oh, and you can also say hi if you want to – but, only if you want to.

It’s just one of the many ways that we’re making life easier for our bus-loving customers who appreciate the brilliance of bus-related convenience.

So, here’s how to get involved:

Planning a trip and need a price?

There’s a little surprise waiting for you on Facebook. Yes, it’s a button that looks like this   that if you’re brave enough to press the most convenient way to get a quote sent straight to you. So please, when you need a price, press it – and then, expect a call or a mail with just the details you’re looking for. Convenient? Absolutely.

It gets even better though: If you’re just looking for a price while browsing, send us a message and don’t be shy to ask. We’ll direct you to where you need to be to get all those cost-related details.

Planning a trip but can’t find a route?

The simplest way to find the best route that suits you is to check our broad selection of routes on our route map. For Greyhound, you can find it here and for Citiliner, you need not look further than here.

But, what if your route doesn’t appear on either and you’re a little lost?

Well, not a problem, simply pop us a message on Facebook and we will get one of our superheroes – yes that’s what we call our customer care staff by the way – to assist you. It will be our pleasure!

Had a rough trip and need to vent?

Please do! Your complaints makes us better, which in turn makes trips with us in future, that much better too. Because yes, sometimes, we do get things wrong and we can’t say sorry enough – sincerely. But, understandably, sorry is not always enough and you have the right to complain and voice your dissatisfaction.

You can do so easily on social media. Whether laying a complaint straight to our Facebook wall or sending us one directly to our inbox, the process will be the same and you will be kindly asked to follow this procedure. You can be assured that it will be handled with care and resolved.

Made a booking mistake and need to change it?

We’re all human and we all make mistakes, so if you’ve made one while booking a ticket, relax! We’ve got you covered.

All you need to do is to jump onto social media, drop us a message with your ticket reference number, contact number and email address, and our customer call care centre will contact you as soon as possible to get things sorted. Don’t stress when you don’t need to – let out superheroes handle it.


To book with Greyhound/Citiliner today, you can do so at or Alternatively, contact our 24hr reservations centre on 011 611 8000 or 087 352 0352.


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