6 Questions Answered – Citiliner’s Updated Travel Conditions

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If I cancel my ticket, will I get a refund and can I make a re-booking?

Refunds will only be given in respect of tickets cancelled in excess of 72 hours of the scheduled departure time.

Any cancellations requested less than 72 hours of the scheduled departure, can only be re-booked, valid for a period of 6 months.

Tickets cancelled less than 24 hours of the scheduled departure will be subject to a 20% re-booking fee.

In all instances, with any re-bookings, any increase in fare at the time of the re-booking being requested, will also be for account of the Passenger.

All refund applications must be submitted to Citiliner Customer Care (087 352 0352) or may be submitted to any Citiliner Office.

Refunds are not permitted where a passenger failed to check-in within the allocated time (30 minutes prior to departure time).

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What happens if my luggage gets damaged or lost while I’m travelling on one of your buses?

Baggage must be adequately secured and locked at all times.

Baggage is designed to protect its contents and as such Citiliner will not accept liability for damage to items such as zips, handles, wheels or for general ‘wear and tear’ on any baggage.

Any claim for missing luggage must be submitted to us within 48 hours of the arrival of your journey.

Citiliner reserves the right to trace any lost luggage for 7 days from the reported loss.


What is the allowed luggage weight that I may take with me when I travel?

Each passenger is permitted to take free of charge, at own risk, two suitcases not exceeding 80cm x 60cm x 30cm in size, of a total mass not exceeding 30kg.

Citiliner has the right to refuse the carriage of luggage that does not comply with these conditions.

Large items must be placed in the designated luggage compartment and loaded only by an employee or agent of Citiliner.

Passengers must obtain a Citiliner luggage sticker when boarding.
Unaccompanied luggage will not be conveyed.

Excess luggage will only be accommodated subject to space availability and will be charged at R4.00 per kilogram.


May I travel if I’m pregnant?

Unless you are in possession of a medical certificate stating that you are fit to travel, you are advised not to make a booking and board any of our coaches.


The following rules apply to passengers that are more than 28 weeks into their term:

  • Between 28 and 35 Weeks- A Medical Certificate stating that the passenger is fit to travel must be handed to the crew when boarding.
  • More than 36 Weeks- Due to safety regulations, passengers that are further than 36 weeks into their pregnancy, will not be accepted for travel.


What if I have special needs or medical requirements, may I travel?

Bookings for special needs passengers must be facilitated via the Citiliner Customer Call Centre.

Arrangements for assistance for passengers will be done during the booking process.

You are required to notify us in advance of the assistance that you require failing which we cannot assist you.
Passengers traveling with Medical apparatus or that require assistance or medication must contact the Citiliner Call Centre well in advance (087 352 0352).

A medical certificate stating that the passenger is fit to travel is highly recommended and may be required.

Citiliner is supported by Helivac Medical Response and all coaches are under constant Citiliner Satellite surveillance.

All coaches are also equipped with the latest Drivecam Technology.

What travel documents do I require in order to travel on a Citiliner bus?

Passengers must ensure that they are in possession of a valid passport and required travel documents for all cross-border journeys.

You must be 18 years and older to travel Cross Border unaccompanied.

Citiliner accepts no responsibility for passengers who are not in possession of proper and valid travel documents, nor where entry to any country or territory is refused to any person for any reason.

No passenger shall have any claim of any nature against Citiliner or its appointed agents, should he/she be prevented from undertaking, or continuing with any journey as a result thereof.

Passport checks will be conducted by Citiliner ahead of departure.

Immigration Amendment Act: New regulations came into effect on 01 June 2015 which impacts on any Cross Border travel with children under the age of 18. Contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate for up to date information.


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