Citiliner’s tips on how to take awesome pictures from a moving vehicle

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We pass through some stunning scenes during our trips. Imagine the memories you miss out on capturing just because the picture comes out fuzzy or your thumb is in the way. Riding on a bus, gives you the perfect opportunity to take pictures since you don’t have to focus on the road. However, how do you take the perfect picture from a moving vehicle. We have some tips to help you capture every single moment of your trip even while on a bus.

Get comfortable in the seat you are in and make the most of it

Accept that you can’t lean over someone else or run to the front of the bus to take your picture. Obviously a window seat would be ideal. However, if you aren’t seated near the window, respect the person sitting there and don’t invade their space. If you would like to take a few pictures, politely ask the person whether it would be possible to swap seats for a while.

Don’t use a flash

Remember to switch off your camera’s flash otherwise you’ll get a ghost light in your picture. Your next question might be, what about the reflection in the window? If you are seated beside the window, put your camera flat against the window to take your picture. This will eliminate the reflection of your camera or yourself.

Be ready

Keep an eye open so that you can catch something quick and take a picture of it. Write up an itinerary for yourself and familiarise yourself your surroundings. Remember now that you are moving, you won’t get a chance to go back so if you’ve missed the opportunity, you can’t get it back.

Keep your battery charged

You don’t want a scenario where you want to capture a moment and your camera dies on you. Keep your camera fully charged and keep a spare battery so you can be ready to capture any moment when it comes.

Keep a memory card with enough space on it with you

Make sure you have enough space on your camera to take pictures. If you wish, you can also bring an extra memory card with you just in case.

Shoot fast and shoot constantly 

If possible, set your camera to take around 10 or more pictures in a few seconds. This way, you have a better chance to get that perfect picture. Don’t stop clicking since it’s better to have to delete 5 bad or irrelevant pictures than miss your opportunity.

Now you have to tools to take the best pictures while travelling on a Citiliner bus. Pick a route and let’s take you somewhere beautiful.

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