Citiliner’s Top School Bus Safety Tips For Kids

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It’s back to school time for kids and we thought we should share some wisdom on school bus safety.

Boarding the bus:

Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes earlier in order to avoid rushing to get onto the bus.

Never wait for the bus on your own.

Wait at a safe distance from the road and never stray onto the street or alleys.

Wait until the bus has stopped completely before boarding.

Form a neat line when boarding and don’t push other pupils.

Take your time when boarding, don’t rush.

On the bus:

Always wear a seatbelt if one is available.

Don’t make sudden loud noises that might distract the driver.

Stay in our seat at all times and don’t walk up and down the aisle.

Never put your head or arms out of the window.

Don’t put your school bag and other things in the aisle.

Make sure you get your things together before the bus stops so as not to leave anything behind.

Don’t fight with the other children on the bus and don’t bully anyone either.

Wait for the bus to stop completely before getting up.

Do not play with the emergency exits.

Don’t throw objects inside the bus.


Follow the following rule when disembarking.:Wait for the children who are seated at the front to disembark first and then follow row by row until you’ve reached the back.

Don’t shove anyone in order to get off the bus first.

Be patient.

Always stay away from the wheels of the bus.

Do not cross the street behind the school bus.

School bus safety tips for bus drivers:

Make sure that your bus is roadworthy and ticked all the safety boxes.

Leave at scheduled times and never rush to get to a school or your stops in record time.

Be pleasant and kind to the passengers on the bus.

Stick to basic road safety rules and don’t allow music or kids to distract you.

Make sure that all of the children or seated before driving.

Keep an eye on weather alerts and practice extra caution during tumultuous weather conditions.

Make sure that you have your schedule memorised and basic knowledge of all routes.


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