Citiliner Game Sheet: Games to keep you busy on a bus

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Riding a bus for long hours on end can become quite tedious. We have a solution! Here are a few games to keep you busy during your next long bus trip. So, print this out, grab a pen and prepare to be entertained. Have fun. 🙂

Can you figure out these Brain Teasers?


What can be seen once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years?


Which tire doesn’t move when a car turns right?


We kill, and we give life. We are either poison or fruit – You choose. What are we?


Can you find the hidden words?


puzzle game


Do you know the answers to our clues?

puz 2


Can you find your way out of these mazes?

puz 3

puz 4

Do you consider yourself a master at Sudoku? See if you can figure these games out.

puz 5

puz 6

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