Why should you choose Citiliner?

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We’ve covered the numerous benefits of taking the bus before, from saving money on petrol to it being an eco-friendly travel option. However, today we would like to tell you why you should choose Citiliner as your number one mode of transport.

All of our buses have both audio and visual entertainment

Long bus trips can be tedious if you don’t have much to keep you busy. All of our coaches feature both audio and visual entertainment options. Sit back, prop in your earphones and enjoy the film or opt to listen to some music. Not wooed by the prospect of film or music? If you find yourself in our 52 seater coach, switch on your reading light and read a good book.

Our staff members are happy to assist no matter the hour

The ladies and gents working at our 24hr customer care and reservations department are always on point and ready to assist with any problem or enquiry you may have no matter the hour of the day. Before 5 am or 10 pm at night, you’ll be greeted in a friendly and assisting tone.

You name the route and Citiliner will take you there

Be it Cape Town, East London, Maputo or somewhere else, you can trust in Citiliner’s drivers to get you where you need to be safely and efficiently. We’ve recently opened a route to Phalaborwa so you can even head on over to South Africa’s most stunning natural kingdom at the most affordable rate. See where we can take you.

Our drivers and crew members are trained professionals

All drivers and crew members are carefully selected and professionally trained to meet all the required safety and service standards. All drivers are also sent for refresher training on a regular basis and undergo medical examinations every year. As a passenger in Citiliner’s hands, you can sit back, relax and close your eyes with the knowledge that we will get you where you need to be with the minimum amount of fuss.

You can book your ticket anywhere and anytime

With numerous booking options, you can book your tickets virtually anywhere. Book your bus ticket at the comfort of your home with our online booking system or stop at the money market while shopping at your nearest Shoprite or Checkers.

We run regular specials and discounts

Why pay full price when, with Citiliner, you pay less and travel farther for it? You can earn a 10% discount when booking online, children between the ages of 2 and 11 years get a 15% discount off the adult fare and we publish regular special fares on social media. So, keep an eye on our social media profiles before you miss out on something.

We care about you

Citiliner takes care and time to ensure each and every passenger’s satisfaction, no matter the route on which you may be travelling. We value passenger feedback so if you’d like to share something with us, you are welcome to contact us.


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