Celebrating Woman’s Month! 5 extraordinary women who changed the world

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August is Women’s month: A month of strength, resilience and female invention – a month where we pay tribute to women all across South Africa and the world, and their extraordinary contribution to our everyday lives.

Here at Citiliner, where bussing reliability meets absolute affordability, we salute all ladies and wish them a wonderful Women’s Month and a successful Woman’s Day this 9 August.

In their honour, we’ve identified 5 extraordinary women who changed the world and continue to inspire to this very day.

Celebrating Woman’s Month! 5 extraordinary women who changed the world

  1. Mam’ Winne – the mother of the nation

There’s little more one can say about a woman with a legacy as extraordinary as hers, but in the year of her passing, Women’s Month takes on an added significance.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the mother of the nation, embodies the resilience and sheer power to be found in the heart of all women everywhere. May her fighting spirit live on!


  1. Helen Joseph – the bravery of yesteryear

Women’s Day on 9 August commemorates the bravery of thousands of women, but one who stands out among the plethora of heroines that day in 1956, is Helen.


She, along with her extraordinary contemporaries, helped lead the march against the apartheid pass laws, and is part of the very reason we celebrate Women’s Day today. May her legacy live on!

  1. Marie Curie – the scientist who changed medicine

Celebrating Woman’s Month! 5 extraordinary women who changed the world

Marie Curie became the first woman in the world to win a Nobel Prize and the first person – man or woman – to win it twice. Her work, which led to the discovery of polonium and radium has helped medical science break boundaries ever since.

She joins thousands of other women whose inventions and discoveries changed the world. May her innovation live on!

  1. Anne Frank – a girl with wisdom beyond her years

Anne Frank was a world-famous diarist and World War II holocaust victim. Fleeing Nazi Germany during that terrible time, her and her family moved to Amsterdam where, in hiding, she wrote The Diary of Anne Frank before she was found and killed in a concentration camp, aged just 15.

It is a work of remarkable strength, wisdom, courage and an emotional depth way beyond her years.

  1. Oprah Winfrey – a modern woman who transcended stigma

    Celebrating Woman’s Month! 5 extraordinary women who changed the world

Jack of all trades and master of all, there is not much more that can be said about one of the most famous woman in the modern world. Oprah Winfrey redefined the African American experience by breaking stigma and excelling in ways that the rest of us can only hope to learn from.

Her next step? There is rumour of a presidential run…

Well, there they are for all to see: Five of billions of extraordinary women that have changed our world and continue to do so. They live as inspiration for those not so celebrated: The real heroines of our lives, the women, who day after day, despite widespread discrimination and hardship, continue to excel despite their circumstances.

Here’s to all of them! A very special Women’s Month, and a happy Women’s Day to all of you.



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