The business of safety: 7 reasons why you can relax

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At Citiliner, it’s not only our business to transport you comfortably, it’s our business to keep you safe. Safety, after all, is standard and we are committed to playing your careful safety partner every kilometer of your journey with us.
Keeping you safe though, on busy, festive roads is deliberate hard work – so we’re committed to a 7-step safety plan to keep you as safe as can be. Why? Because we’re careful enough to care and you deserve to relax. So relax! Sit back, throw in some earphones and take in the road trip. Have a nap. Watch a movie. Chat away…
Safety should be the last thing on your mind because it’s the first thing on our ours. So travel easy fellow passengers, and enjoy your care-free trip.
Here are 7 reasons why you can.

1. Emergency medical assistance. We’ve got you covered.

Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us on every Citiliner journey, so we confidently assure you that emergency medical assistance is always on standby should the unexpected happen, and an emergency quickly flares-up. No, you can never be too safe we think, so sit back and travel easy: Medical assistance is never too far away. We’ve got you covered!



2. Regular driver training. Healthy and quick-thinking professionals.

Being a Citiliner driver requires quick-thinking and sensible decisions: All drivers regularly undergo driver training to remain alert and ready because, as you know, keeping focused on the road can save lives. So, training for all road-hazard scenarios is exceptionally important for keeping you safe, and for keeping our fleet in tip-top shape. We care for our drivers too, sending them regularly for medical examinations for their safety and yours.

3. 24 Hour vehicle tracking & drive cams. Eyes in the sky!

Constantly tracking our fleet allows us to always keep tabs on what’s happening. We always know where you are when, so if an emergency arises, we’re the first to react. This level of tracking also conveniently allows us to keep you in the loop, should a bus arrive late for example, but more importantly always serves a primary function: To keep you safe and sound, and to keep us informed and alert. Drive cams, installed in every bus, also monitor every minute of a Citiliner journey to ensure and encourage the best driving habits.



4. Emergency brake assist. When ordinary brakes are not enough.

Emergency Brake Assist is a type of technology that increases braking pressure in an emergency. And yes, you’re quite right, every Citiliner bus has Emergency Brake Assist for the sole purpose of your safety. It works by measuring the speed and intensity at which a brake pedal is pressed, and then, if necessary, amplifies braking to bring the bus to a halt. Of course, it also helps that every Citiliner bus is put through our onsite brake-testing facility, which happens to be the only coach company in the country which has one. Convenient and safe.

5. Regular maintenance & pre-trip safety inspections. Safety is standard.

Having the best-maintained fleet in the country means that all of our buses are regularly inspected for faults and defects, and thoroughly prepared before every trip. This includes pre-trip safety inspections, which fine-comb every vehicle before setting off. Again, you can never be thorough enough when it comes to safety, and every pre-trip inspection must meet our exceptional safety standards. There are no compromises – safety is standard.



6. Lane assist & automatic breaking on the Citiliner Plus.

Citiliner’s Plus coaches boast lane assist technology, which smartly warns drivers when they are drifting from the safety of their own lane. If need be, the Citiliner Plus will react and automatically steer itself to safety. This, coupled with automatic braking technologies, makes the Citiliner Plus most capable of anticipating potential collisions and reacting automatically to heighten the safety of the passengers inside.

7. Safety belts. A click and you’re all tucked in.

The safety our passenger’s is heightened by the presence of safety belts in every one of coaches. Certainly, we encourage you to use them, which will only complement our 7-step safety net and keep you safer than ever. It’s the seventh and most sensible precaution, we think – and perhaps the simplest too. Yes, all it requires is a click and you’ll be safer for it. Snug too!
So, ensure that you get to your destination these holidays safe and sound. Visit our website for all your booking requirements at or call our 24hr Customer Care centre on 011 611 8000 or 087 352 0352
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