Bulawayo – a tourist adventure for the locals!

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Bulawayo, the City of Kings, is an extraordinary visit: It’s people, its history and culture are some of the many reasons tourists just love it. That and the fact that’s its beautiful surrounds and attractions are some of the most mesmerising and awesome in Africa, leaving visitors breathless, and hometown residents justifiably proud.

Sometimes, however, its own brilliant citizens forget to explore their city like tourists do, letting all the visitors have all the fun. So, are you from Bulawayo and heading home for the holidays? If you are, why not embrace the buzz of the city by visiting a few awesome destinations you may or may not have before, and turn your hometown visit into a tourist-loving holiday.

Bulawayo – you beauty!

  1. The Matabo National Park. Pure Safari Wonder!

Just a 45-minute drive from Bulawayo is one of the most extraordinary national parks in Zimbabwe, and what is home to the exceptionally endangered Black Rhino. Yes, Africans have always been spoilt with the potential for Safari, but those from Bulawayo have it extra good: The park features the largest concentration of black eagles in the world, boasts a significant number of leopard and remarkably, has a human touch too: Rock art is found throughout its ancient landscape, which is truly a must-see. Visit Matabo if you can. It is pure safari wonder!

  1. The Bulawayo Railway Museum. For the real travel enthusiast.

It’s not a usual visit, but then again some tourists love the obscure. Perhaps you do too. So, if you’re in love with history and travel, you will enjoy the Bulawayo Railway Museum and grow to appreciate its place in Zimbabwean history. Steam locomotives played an essential part in the modernisation of Zimbabwe and this museum boasts exhibits that date back to as far-off as 1897. If you’re lover of history, you’ll love juicing up on the facts and if you’re a lover of travel, you’ll appreciate how far Zimbabweans have come, quite literally, in their journey to build their extraordinary country. Most importantly, if you’re a lover of Bulawayo, you’ll enrichen your understanding of the history that built it. Ticket, please!

  1. The Khami Ruins. An ancient wonder.

 Possibly one of the most fascinating insights into ancient Bulawayo, and ancient Africa for that matter, are the extraordinary Khami Ruins – a long-lost city of intrigue and speculation. It is believed that its people reigned over the area between 1450 and 1644, before its fiery demise. Now, it is a labyrinth of stone walls and tiers and you can navigate them with a real sense of tourist curiosity: What of the Cross Ruin with its mysterious stone Dominican Cross? These are some of the thought-provoking questions that will leave you absolutely fascinated. Certainly, it is a must-see for all tourists, and that includes those from Bulawayo too.

  1. The Hillside Dams. The perfect picnic, a refreshing walk.

There is nothing quite like a good ol’ picnic with family and friends to get the senses realigned. The quite spectacular Hillside Dams is just the place to do it then: Complement your day with an afternoon canoeing before letting the food settle with an awe-inspiring walk. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, just be lazy. Take in the warm Bulawayo sun with an afternoon nap and enjoy the sound of your city’s natural wonder. Remember, you’re a tourist in your own brilliant home. So do it your way! You decide.

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