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The festive season is just around the corner, and the excitement around holiday plans are building up fast. December is a time when families flock together to enjoy the summer holiday and celebrate Christmas and New Year. For those who aren’t joining their families, a holiday adventure to different parts of the country is just as exciting and filled with care-free fun to mark the end of another year. But wait… a holiday requires extra money – money that most don’t have at their disposal at the drop of a hat. Transport, accommodation, entertainment, and the likes, it can get really expensive.

For now, let’s focus on transport, because getting from A to B is the first and most important step. There are many means of transport available these days, however, not all of them are affordable. Plane tickets are absolutely exorbitant over the festive season, train tickets limit the destinations you can travel to (and they take forever!) and travelling by car, if you have one, is expensive on petrol and the wear and tear of your vehicle. Then there’s the bus – a convenient and affordable way to get to your destination safely and on time. Although affordable, the ticket still requires cash that may not be readily available, which is why we’ve put together some handy tips on saving for your bus ticket.

  1. Price the ticket.

In order to begin budgeting for your ticket, you need to know how much to save. Find out what it would cost to get to and from your destination on your chosen dates, and whether the amount is attainable, given the time left to save before your departure.

  1. Calculate time.

Establish how long you have until your departure date, taking into account how much revenue will be flowing into your account before then. Take the cost of the ticket and divide it by the number of pay cheques you’ll be receiving before the purchase of your ticket. This will serve as your saving goal for each month.

  1. Assess your budget.

Calculate your current expenses and separate them into categories ranging from ‘non-negotiable’ to ‘nice to have’. Once establishing how much money is left over after the ‘non-negotiable’ expenses, you can start to strategise on the rest.

  1. Set short-term goals.

You know how much you need to save each month, so try to aim for more than that – more cash means better holiday. Set goals like, for every R200 you save, you can buy yourself your favourite treat.

  1. Devise a plan and implement it.

Cutting down on expenses isn’t always easy, but in this instance you have the perfect motivation, because let’s face it, everyone wants a fabulous holiday. Find areas in your lifestyle where you can cut down and reduce costs – you’ll be amazed at how quickly the little things add up. Here are a few examples of how you can save:

  • Set rules for yourself to help curb your spending, for instance, for every R50 spent at the shop, or anywhere for that matter, R10 goes into your savings jar.
  • When grocery shopping, hunt around for monthly specials that will save you a buck or two, even if it means shopping at various outlets.
  • Sift through unwanted household items and sell them. Remember that every little bit counts, and what may be useless to you, might just be the apple of someone else’s eye.
  • Reduce your electricity bill by being over conscious about switching lights off and turning your geyser off when not in use.
  • Be smarter about your entertainment choices. Source the attractions that aren’t so expensive – we’re lucky because South Africa offers loads of them.

Saving for your bus ticket may pose as a challenge initially, but when you’re living your best life on your well-deserved holiday, you’ll realise it was all worth it. If you’re looking for safe and reliable bus services that won’t cost an arm and a leg, book your bus ticket through Citiliner. Citiliner offers semi-luxury transport at affordable rates and boasts an incomparable list of destinations around South Africa, which means you can go (almost) anywhere your heart desires this festive season. For more information and prices, visit the Citiliner website. Happy saving!



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