Attractions that make travelling from Queenstown to Gauteng worthwhile

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Komani (Queenstown) – a small town occupying just 71.3km2 of the Eastern Cape. Although a minute city, it draws many a crowd from the surrounding farmlands to its quaint centre, and is known for its great schools, sports facilities and medical centres, as well as a range of charming restaurants and food outlets. On the scenic front, this little town boasts beautiful rose gardens, hiking trails and a small game reserve on its outskirts. As beautiful as Queenstown may be, the fact remains, the town is small, and doing the same activities over and over again can become tedious and boring.

Citiliner have just opened an office in Queenstown, giving people access to semi-luxury, affordable transport – and a great reason to travel. The thought of travelling by bus is an exciting one as it opens up opportunities for visiting attractions between one destination and another. Now that it’s so much easier for you to travel from Queenstown to Johannesburg, here are some attractions, some of which are en route and well worth stopping for.


This town forms the border separating the Eastern Cape and the Free State. Being a town that encompasses the south side of the Orange River, two springs can be found, surfacing at roughly 34°c, which were thought to have various curative properties in the past. Hot springs can also be found here, which have been developed to incorporate swimming pools for visitors.

  • Ouma Rusks Factory

If you’re stopping off in this little hub, you may enjoy a trip to the Ouma Rusks Factory, situated on Friedenheim Farm, for a tour and some insight into how this famous South African morning coffee treat came about.

  • Smithfield’s Mud House

If you’re one for artistic flair, one of the most popular attractions in Aliwal North is Smithfield’s Mud House, where artist Sue Rosie has used straw, soil and clay to build a mud house on her property – be sure to visit.

  • The Smithfield Caledon River Museum

Travel back in time at The Smithfield Caledon River Museum, and discover how the previous generations lived in this town. Originally founded as a church centre back in 1848 on farm Waterval, Smithfield re-established its roots in search of more water at Rietpoort farm, where it is currently stationed. It is the third oldest Village in the Free State.





Situated smack bang in the middle of our country, this superb town is known as the ‘City of Roses’ as this is precisely what can be found travelling along the streets of this town, together with its rich with history and culture.

  • Naval Hill Planetarium

Visit the first digital planetarium in Sub-Saharan Africa and explore outer space like never before. There are various educational shows and virtual experiences for visitors to get the real feel of the galaxy and beyond.

  • Free State National Botanical Gardens

Explore the true beauty of Bloemfontein in a garden that holds over 400 species of plants, around 125 bird species and a decent congregation of reptile species. The spring and summer months are great for flowers, and if you have the time, stop off and have a picnic.

  • Gallery on Leviseur

This art gallery shines with contemporary creativity and allows artists from all walks of life to express their unique art without judgement. The goal is to keep the artistic flair alive in South Africa and promote art that is unlike any around the world.


This agricultural town is known for its farming of maize, wool, wheat, dairy and meat products. Situated along the Vals River, this quaint town offers an array of activities for travellers to indulge in, en route to Johannesburg.

  • Boskoppie Lion and Tiger Reserve

This reserve offers guided tours, allowing visitors to experience a range of cats including lions, cheetahs, leopards, tigers and caracal. For the real cat lovers, there is even an opportunity to interact with lions.

  • Kroonpark Holiday Resort

Situated on the banks of the Vals River, the resort offers water activities, including super tubes, swimming pools and slides. There are also rowing and pedal boats available if you’re up for an adventure on the river.

  • Vredefort Dome

Situated about 45 minutes outside of Kroonstad is Vredefort, home to the Vredefort Dome. This crater is the result of the biggest meterorite to hit Earth, and spans across 300km. Through various studies, geologists have said that the meteorite hit over 2000 million years ago. Providing an abundance of history and interesting facts, this World Heritage Site is a must see.

With all these wonderful places to scout out, there is no excuse but to hop on a bus and travel up country to Gauteng. Citiliner has made it easier and more affordable than ever for travellers to venture outside of Komani (Queenstown) and explore what else the South African landscape offers. Whether you are visiting friends and family, or simply vacationing to experience the cultural buzz that exists within Johanneburg, Citiliner will get you there safely and comfortably. Book your bus ticket with Citiliner today.








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