Affordable Bus Travel

When Citiliner branched out from its big brother, Greyhound, in 2005 it had one mission: To bring South Africa and its neighbours the most affordable bus travel on the continent. Now, years later, we are still renowned as the cheapest, most comfortable and safest way to travel by bus in Southern Africa, servicing half a million passengers per year over 8 million km of tar.

So, whether you’re looking for the cheapest bus ticket to Durban or the cheapest bus to Johannesburg (or somewhere in between), we’ve got you covered. From Bloemfontein to Bulawayo, from Umtata to Pretoria, from the Cape to Maputo, affordable bus travel has never been this comfortable and buying cheap tickets has never been this safe.

Here at Citliner, the most affordable place to buy quality bus tickets, we understand that our customers are cost-conscious. Still, being cost-conscious shouldn’t mean a compromise on luxury, safety and comfort. Absolutely not!

That’s why we’re rethinking cost-effective bus travel with a semi-luxury offering, so that the next time you think ‘cheap bus tickets’ – you’ll be thinking of us.