9 Attractions near Mthatha that will make your holiday memorable

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  1. Mdumbi Beach

Considered as one of the best surf spots along the Wild Coast, Mdumbi is a laid back, rustic and relaxing travel destination situated near Mthatha. Relax on the beach contrasted by rolling green hills and milkwood trees, go surfing or explore the Xhosa culture with the local Pondo people.

  1. Coffee Bay beach

If you aren’t one for beach bumming, Coffee Bay has a cornucopia of things to keep you entertained. Go for walks on various nature trails, go hiking or horseback riding. One particular trail takes you to the stunning Hole in the Wall too!

  1. Hole in the wall hiking trail

Speaking of Hole in the Wall… Apart from the rocky archway which kind of gives the name away, the little Hole in the Wall town is a haven situated in the Eastern Cape. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an uber relaxing holiday in this unique town.

  1. Lwandile Bay Beach

Welcome to the 300 mile stretch of unspoilt beach that forms part of the Transkei’s Wild Coast. Take advantage of the pleasant warm water and go fishing, snorkelling or swimming. Stay in a luxury spa bungalow or a pleasant B&B, either way you will enjoy your stay.

  1. Mdumbi Point Break

It should come as no surprise that Mdumbi’s point break was voted as one of the best in the world. Point break is 0.3km from the centre of Mdumbi Beach. No matter where you go, you will be faced with a gorgeous ocean view.

  1. Silaka Nature Reserve

If you travel just 6km south of the seaside town of Port St Johns, you’ll stumble upon a gorgeous part of Eastern Cape Coastal Forest. The 400 hectare Silaka Nature Reserve is your perfect merge between beach and forest. Explore tidal rock pools, the forest and grasslands.

  1. Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve

Sister nature reserves, Dwesa and Cwebe, lie separated by the Mbashe River on the central coast. Both are bordered by the forest-fringed shores of the Indian Ocean so whether you love the beach or the forest, you’ll find happiness and tranquillity here.

  1. Mdumbi River Kayak

Has the adrenaline bug bitten you? Raise your adrenaline levels and go kayaking on the scenic Mdumbi River. You don’t have to go wild either, just paddle along at a leisurely pace and enjoy the nature surrounding you before you have to return to the city.

  1. Bulungula Beach

Situated on the Wild Coast of South Africa, this spectacular beach was Lonely Planet’s 2012 Pick of the Wild Coast and for good reason! You’ll be surrounded by pristine beach, rolling hills, forests and an enchanting lagoon. It’s the best location for a bit of stargazing.

How you’ll make up your mind, we do not know! All of these attractions are simply lovely. One thing you don’t have to wonder about, however, is how to get to Mthatha! Citiliner will take you to and from Mthatha safely and comfortably. Book your ticket online!

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