51 Travel tips for Students

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  1. Plan your holiday in advance and set a financial goal.
  2. Start saving.
  3. A small pocket knife is a versatile and inexpensive tool, especially when backpacking.
  4. Forget suitcases and opt for a lightweight backpack.
  5. Roll your clothes, never fold them. This way, you’ll save more space.
  6. Make your own travel sized toiletries.
  7. You can never go wrong with 3 t-shirts and a short. These clothing items are light and can easily be squeezed into a backpack.
  8. Make use of travel apps such as Airbnb and Awesome South Africa.
  9. Look to friends and family members living close to the beach or other holiday destinations for accommodation first.
  10. Pack your travel lunch. Never buy.
  11. Never carry a lot of cash on you. Getting mugged is not fun.
  12. Hide your valuables in different places.
  13. Familiarise yourself with tipping etiquette before you tip more than you need to.
  14. Have you considered taking on a part time job to save money for your holiday?
  15. Always find accommodation at a hostel, never a hotel.
  16. Eat at local restaurants and stay clear of anything with a name that sounds too fancy.
  17. Invest in a good pair of tekkies.
  18. Opt to take the bus to get around. Don’t rent a car. You can book your Citiliner ticket here
  19. Cook your own food whenever possible.
  20. Drink lots of water, stay clear of soda.
  21. Ask, ask, ask. Ask for directions, cheap places to buy food etc. The locals know more than you do.
  22. Look for attractions with free entry.
  23. Find a travel buddy and split the costs.
  24. Look for places that offer student discounts and don’t forget your card.
  25. Learn the art of haggling.
  26. Look for free entertainment. Spend the entire day on the beach, what can be better than that?
  27. Pack loads of sunscreen.
  28. Use Dropbox to share your travel pictures while on the go.
  29. Use your phone as a camera instead of bringing one.
  30. Look for volunteering opportunities. They end up creating great experiences and memories.
  31. Go easy on the drinking. 😉
  32. Get some new lingo tips and exchange a few words with the locals.
  33. Rent a bicycle to explore the surroundings.
  34. Be flexible and accept that not everything is going to go as planned.
  35. Make lists.
  36. Travel off the beaten path. Big cities are more expensive.
  37. Bring your own padlock when planning to stay at a hostel or at backpacking accommodation.
  38. Travel during off-peak season.
  39. Avoid travelling on Fridays and Sundays as those are expensive travelling days.
  40. Use Skype to phone home or Whatsapp. It will cost a lot less.
  41. Take your time to find the perfect deal. Don’t rush into booking your holiday.
  42. You don’t have to give up on seeing big attractions, just balance your itinerary so that it fits in with your budget.
  43. Remember to try new things!
  44. Hop onto travel blogs and read about other student travellers’ experiences. It will motivate and prepare you for your own adventure.
  45. Don’t show off your valuables.
  46. Lock your luggage.
  47. In the event that you are travelling alone, try to keep the actual travelling during daylight and avoid arriving at your destination at night.
  48. Blend in. Don’t look to touristy.
  49. Do thorough research before travelling. What are the danger zones in the area you are travelling to?
  50. Make sure all of your family and friends can reach you and stay in touch regularly during your travels.
  51. Travel with Citiliner so book your ticket and start your next big adventure now!
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