5 Places to experience farming at its best in KwaZulu-Natal

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Tourists and South Africans alike look for every excuse to travel to sunny Durban to spend some quality R&R on the golden beach with the ocean for company. But there is so much more to KwaZulu-Natal than simply the beaches, like their stunning farmer’s markets for instance. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 farmer’s markets that provide far beyond your average grocery experience.


Heart Market

Beneath the arches of the Moses Mabhida Stadium is gathered a collection of young and old selling a variety of items. Although not a farmer’s market per se, visitors certainly cannot miss out on the experience. From handmade crafts to homemade preserves, from sparkly jewellery to second hand treasures, here you will find the best gifts for your family and friends. Of course the food is something out of this world with something for every palate. Every dish and snack is prepared with the finest produce. You can catch this market on the First Saturday of every month between 9am and 2pm so it is best to plan your visit ahead of time.


Wonder Market

On the last Sunday of every month from 9am to 2pm at Park Avenue, visitors are treated with a feast of things to see and do. With odd sculptures spread on the lush green lawn, the smell of grilling meat hanging in the air and curious nicknacks, you will soon realise that you have spent most of the day at this unique market with a scheduled visit for the next Sunday to see the rest.


Botha’s Pass Kontreiwinkel

This little country stall is housed in the original Botha’s Pass store built in 1906 and it is here where you will find your country, homemade confections and jams that will transport you back to your childhood. Biltong, dried fruit, jams, baskets, mats, handicrafts and anything else they can fit in this store, you are sure to spot a unique treasure to take home with you be it something you can touch or eat.


Chane Cheese Farm

Sample a range of delectable cheeses in Mtubatuba on the Elephant Coast and once you have tasted something you like, you can get it from the cheese shop. Cheese isn’t the only thing you can look forward to when visiting but a curio shop offers a mix match of interesting goodies with a feeding and petting zoo for kids.

A presentation and demonstration of goat milking will take you through the process of cheese making and if that isn’t your scene, a coffee shop and restaurant offers the ideal spot to disappear/relax with a cup of coffee.


Whole food night market

Most of us have at least once been to a market during the day, but what about visiting one at night? Along the canal situated at the Point Waterfront, visitors will find the very popular whole food night market. Cured meats, sun dried tomatoes; pepperdews and a variety of cheeses are but a few of the irresistible treats you will find at this market. Not only is the food something spectacular but there is usually live music to liven and warm the atmosphere as you browse through all the stalls.

Take a trip up to KwaZulu-Natal and experience these extraordinary markets for yourself. Click here to view our available routes and let us take you on a trip of the lifetime.


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