5 Bus Drivers from Movies we know and love

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If it weren’t for bus drivers, many people would never get to where they needed to be. As we enter the holidays, we thought we should explore something entertaining and what could be more entertaining than a good, hearth-throbbing action movie?

Have a look at the most iconic bus drivers in movies we know and love. Who knows? Maybe you will find something you haven’t watched before.


Annie Porter – Speed

Sandra Bullock, powerhouse actress, portrays the role of Annie Porter, a young cop who must prevent a bomb from exploding on a city bus by keeping its speed above 50 mph. After rushing to get onto the bus, this quirky girl takes charge not knowing that it would lead her on a roller coaster bus ride.  Definitely a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Chris Farley – Billie Madison

Billie Madison is an endearing comedy featuring comedy legend, Adam Sandler. However, he is not the highlight of this article but rather the bus driver, Chris Farley. Although we only see him on screen for a few minutes, he has certainly made his impression.

His character is rude and short tempered and no one can blame him with kids throwing sandwiches at his head. He steals lunches, curses under his breath and his face turns a bright crimson when gets angry, or rather, angrier. Classic!


Ray Charles – Spy Hard

We don’t expect you to know this one as the film is an old one. Spy Hard is a parody film of Secret Agent, Dick Steele, trying to rescue Barbara Dahl who has been kidnapped by the evil genius, General Rancor.

Ray Charles plays the quirky bus driver who has to drive a bus on which one passenger is trying to decorate a cake while another is trying to pull a co-passenger’s teeth. Somehow this bus reaches hyper speed and shoots off into the moon. You have to watch it to make sense of it, trust us.


Lorenzo Anello – A Bronx Tale

This is the story of a father, Lorenzo, who becomes concerned when his son befriends a gangster, Sonny. After his son, Calogero, witnesses a murder committed by Sonny, and chooses not to snitch, Sonny takes a liking to him.

As the friendship between Sonny and Lorenzo’s son bloom, Sonny offers Lorenzo a job. He declines the offer, preferring to keep his job as a law-abiding bus driver. Overall, this is a fantastic movie filled with strong emotional bonds.


Citiliner’s bus drivers

Okay, so our drivers aren’t all famous actors living it up in Hollywood and while all of the characters mentioned above are great, they remain fictional. Our drivers are real and spend a lot of time on the road getting passengers to where they need to be. We would like to thank each and every one of Citiliner’s bus drivers for their hard work and exceptional loyalty. Safe travels to everyone on the road and to all of our passengers!

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