3 must-visits this New Year with Citiliner!

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It seems like yesterday that we were preparing for 2019 and now, as if it never happened at all, it’s done. How did it go so fast?

In case you missed it, throughout the year 2019 we celebrated our women, our heritage, our country and all of Southern Africa in all of its glory, but most importantly, we celebrated affordability. Citiliner, after all, is still one of the most affordable ways to travel by bus across Southern Africa, packed with the most value.

It’s got us thinking then: With all that you can now see for less money, and all that you can do with the great price of our bus tickets, what are your 2020 must-visits? Any idea? Here are three!

  1. Check-off the Kruger and finally see a pack of Wild Dogs!

The Kruger is one of the most magical places in the world and spoiler alert: It’s easy to access from one of our many popular routes to Mbombela! So go on, strap in and head with us to the gateway of Africa, the ever majestic and khaki-brilliant Kruger National Park.

Remember, it’s not all about the Big 5. Look out for the other rare spots like Wild Dogs. When was the last time you saw a pack of those?

3 must-visits this New Year with Citiliner!

  1. Check-off Malawian traditional dancing and finally head to Chichiri Hill, Blantyre

Travelers the world over are quickly realising that Malawi is one of Africa’s untouched gems. Of course, it all starts with that ever-stunning Lake Malawi – the Mediterranean of Africa – but for those looking for some urban wonder and a dash of culture, how about Blantyre?

Not many you know have seen a traditional Malawian dance on Chichiri Hill – have you? Check out or Citiliner route to Blantyre: https://www.citiliner.co.za/johannesburg-blantyremalawi-johannesburg/

3 must-visits this New Year with Citiliner!

  1. Check-off those stunning beaches and finally head to Mozambique!

Everyone you meet these days has seemingly been to one (or ten) of Mozambique’s beautiful beaches, so why haven’t you? Our affordable route to Maputo is the perfect opportunity to finally get there because here’s the truth: Mozambique’s white sandy beaches and perfectly clear warm water are nothing short of stunning.

Get snorkeling north or south of Maputo and do nothing else but relax and eat seafood. What a pleasure!

3 must-visits this New Year with Citiliner!

So there you have it: 3 must-visits this 2020 because you deserve it. Indeed, it’s nice to plan ahead, but even better knowing that planning ahead is affordable with Citiliner.

For these and more routes, check out our route map. For questions and bookings feel free to call us on +27 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352 or visit us at www.citiiner.co.za.

Happy new year!

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