10 unusual things to do in Johannesburg

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If you plan on traveling to Joburg anytime soon, you would most probably want to experience the City of Gold in the most unique way.

Luckily, there’s a whole lot to do in Johannesburg, especially a few things that you might not be able to experience anywhere else.

Here is Greyhound’s list of 10 unusual things to do in Johannesburg.

  1. The Bioscope

Situated in downtown Johannesburg, The Bioscope was built from the remains of a 1970’s industrial building. It now offers movie screenings with an old-school touch. Movies screened here can’t necessarily be seen anywhere else, making this attraction both exclusive and original. Website:http://www.thebioscope.co.za/

  1. The Living Room

Experience a view of Johannesburg with a cocktail in hand at this unique establishment. The Living Room is creatively designed with enough greenery to relax even the most stressed out traveler. For an out-of-this world experience, be sure to stop by. Website: http://livingroomjozi.co.za/

  1. The Planetarium

Take a trip through space and educate yourself on the universe at this top-of-the-range planetarium. Established back in 1956, the Johannesburg Planetarium offers shows for both children and adults. The experience is as real as it is exciting. Website: http://www.planetarium.co.za/

  1. Northgate Ice Rink

Never been ice skating before? If you live outside of Johannesburg, chances are that you have answered “no”. Luckily, during your trip to Joburg, you can visit Northgate Ice Rink. At a cost of R60 entrance fee and R25 skate hire, anyone can enjoy an adrenaline rush on ice. Website: http://theicerink.co.za/

  1. Beer house

Whether you are a beer drinker or not, Fourways’ Beer House is a place everyone should visit at least once. This restaurant and pub offers great food and a wide variety of drinks. As their name confesses, they also offer all things beer. Their menu boasts over 99 brands of beer, 16 of which are on tap. Website: http://www.beerhouse.co.za/

  1. Monte Casino

This might come across as clichéd after the above attractions, but if you have never been to Monte Casino, you should definitely pay it a visit. Styled after what seems to be an old Italian village, the Casino is host to many fine establishments and entertainment lounges. Website:http://www.montecasino.co.za/

  1. Market on Main

Market on Main is an up-market weekly market held in downtown Johannesburg every Sunday. Here you can expect to find the best in local food and drink as well as crafts, clothing et cetera. To list everything this market offers, we’ll need an entire blog post, so, be sure to pay them a visit. Website:http://marketonmain.co.za/

  1. Laser tag at Silverstar Casino

Late last year, Silverstar Casino on the West Rand introduced a few more facilities to their offerings. Laser Tag was one of them. If you have never played this at the old Randburg Waterfront (now Brightwater Commons) you can enjoy it at Silverstar. Simply put, you enter a dark, smoky building with a group of players, armed with a laser receiver vest and laser gun. You then shoot your opponents to achieve the highest score, which is tallied automatically. Website: http://www.silverstarcasino.co.za/

  1. Absa Money Museum

Situated in the stylish Absa Towers West building in Johannesburg CBD, this unique museum offers a glimpse at the history of trading. While money is the subject of today’s banking practice, the Absa Money Museum also focuses on times when commodities were used for trading. Entrance is free. Website:http://www.absa.co.za/Absacoza/About-Absa/Absa-Bank/Attractions/Absa-Money-Museum

  1. Market Theatre

Last but not least is Joburg’s world-renowned theatre.  If you want to experience the magic of theatre productions, Market Theatre is the ideal place for you. This establishment is equipped with a large stage, comfortable theatre-style seats and its own bar and restaurant. Website:http://markettheatre.co.za/

As you can see, Johannesburg is abuzz with activity. Greyhound offers bus services from practically anywhere to Johannesburg. Make use of their unique coach and bus services to get to the City of Gold and experience the magic. For Greyhound Bus Routes and rates or to book your ticket, click here.

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