10 Tips that prove that going on holiday with family isn’t that stressful

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The festive season is a fantastic opportunity to go on a family holiday. Are we being serious? Of course we are!

Now, some may find the experience daunting what with having to plan everything and make sure everyone has their things in order – we are here to tell you that travelling with the family, especially kids, isn’t as bad as it may seem. The key here is to plan ahead.

Travelling with kids isn’t that stressful if you:

… Give yourself enough time to prepare

Nobody wants to run around at the last minute trying to pack their things. Something everyone wants even less is having to turn the car around because someone forgot something. Give yourselves enough time to prepare and pack in advance. Make good use of lists. They help.

… Book family friendly accommodation

Does the place where you intend to stay have a pool? Is it self-catering or do they serve the meals? If it’s the latter, what meals do they serve and will everyone enjoy the food? So many questions and so many things to consider before booking the perfect holiday accommodation. 

… Keep your child busy while on the road or in the bus

Parents, save yourself from incessant questions of ‘Are we there yet?’ and keep your kids occupied. A game of eye-spy will keep the entire family engaged and entertained. If you’re not in the mood for games, a book kids can read or colour in works just as well. Did we mention that our buses have both audio and visual entertainment? Just putting it out there. 😉

… Make use of our family discounts

Why spend thousands on petrol when you can just make good use of our family discounts? It’s there, no strings attached. Children can travel at amazing discounted rates. Have a look.  

… Remember medication and bug repellent

Keep medication for headaches and motion sickness close and don’t forget to pack some mosquito and bug repellent, emphasis on mosquito! Make copies of important prescriptions as well.

… Keep your children’s opinions in mind as well

Parents tend to be a bit controlling when it comes to holiday plans. Give your children an opinion as well. Perhaps for one day during the holiday let them choose what to do. It will make everyone feel included. 

… Take loads of pictures and make memories

Don’t forget what the holiday is truly about and don’t be so controlling that you forget to make memories with those closest to you. Take every opportunity to spend time together and take pictures of anything and everything. We have digital cameras now, you can never take too many photos.

… Accept that everything isn’t going to go as planned

Things that are out of your control happen. The sooner you accept it the sooner you can relax and truly enjoy the holiday time with your family.

… Remember sunscreen

The vote is unanimous. Nothing ruins a good holiday at the beach quicker than a proper sunburn. So, avoid malicious skin anomalies and looking like a lobster for the rest of the holiday and apply ample sunscreen.

… Use an app to track your child or dress your child in noticeable clothing when leaving the house

You needn’t fear losing your kids in public destinations. Simply use an app to keep track of your children or dress them in noticeable clothing when leaving the house. Ensure that they have your number memorised.

Bonus tip:

… Enjoy the trip with your family

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