10 Gifs proving that taking the bus is just better

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We find that many people ask, why? Why take the bus? Isn’t it just easier to fly or take the train?  Well, we went online and sourced some of the funniest gifs to prove to those naysayers that taking the bus is just so much better. Have a look.

You can book your seat in advance so you don’t have to run around or challenge a fellow passenger to a duel for an open seat.

public transport


Riding a bicycle just seems … dangerous.

amanda seyfried


Really dangerous…

bike off jacket wcgw


You can travel with family and keep everyone occupied without going mad. If the kids drive you mad, just put on some earphones and enjoy the passing scenery. No family squabbles allowed.

head petrol


Running is a fantastic form of exercise but not really a long term transportation solution.

running celebrate cleveland hooray running late


When travelling on a bus, you can take a nap whenever you want to and still get to your destination on time. No more taking the overnight shift while your friends are catching dreams at random hours of the day.

Soundfly touring on a shoestring slice of life sonic squids falling asleep at the wheel


And you don’t run out of petrol.


And there’s no need to deal with broken cars.


No need to push broken cars either.

fail car pushing


You will always have company when travelling on a bus. Meet new people and experience new destinations.

Image result for alone on a train gifs


Still don’t believe us? Book your Citiliner ticket and allow us to show you the better way of travelling.

If you can think of more reasons to add to this list or have a funny gif you’d like to share with us, you’re welcome to add a comment or join the conversation on social media. We’d love to hear from you.

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